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Medicinal herbs used in the fight against cancer

Medicinal herbs have been used for centuries to fight all kinds of diseases. In fact, most of the active ingredients used to make drugs are obtained from plants. However, these alternative therapies should in no case replace traditional medicinal therapies. Substituting your medical treatment for an alternative treatment based on medicinal herbs can put you in serious danger. However, you can use them to relieve the symptoms that traditional treatments such as chemotherapy originate in our body. The plants most used for this purpose are: Echinacea Green tea

Food and medicinal plants that help cleanse the liver

The body expels toxins mainly through the liver , which helps to detoxify and cleanse the body, by continuously filtering the blood of toxins that enter through the digestive tract, the skin and the respiratory system, but when the liver has an excess of Work as a result of stress or excessive exposure to toxins, the system may lose balance, and seriously affect health. FOODS THAT HELP CLEAN THE LIVER GREEN LEAF VEGETABLES Green leafy vegetables help both heal and clean the liver, due to its enormous amounts of chlorophyll , which

The great properties of rosemary

Rosemary has been used as a medicinal plant for millennia, because from ancient times different cultures have understood its beneficial properties for the health of human beings. It is not only its use as a condiment or spice in different foods, but also its implementation as a medicinal plant for the relief of different ailments. In this opportunity, we want to inform you about the incredible properties of rosemary . Rosemary is a shrub native to the Mediterranean, with a branched texture and small, linear, rather aromatic leaves. Its flowers have a

Detoxifying tea of ​​Cayenne, Ginger and Turmeric

Cayenne, ginger and turmeric are three natural ingredients full of health properties, because they benefit us in many and diverse ways. The combination of these three ingredients, along with the benefits of water with lemon, make this detoxifying tea a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, which among other things helps to cleanse the lymphatic system. To know exactly what are the benefits that this detoxifying tea brings to health, the ideal -in the first instance- is to understand the properties and contributions of each of its components. Let's see. Benefits of cayenne for

Properties of mint tea, from digestion to relaxation

The properties of mint tea are known since ancient times. Thus, tea consumption based on mint leaves is a drink that has been traditionally used for the relief of different problems and ailments, a set of benefits that covers a wide range in different aspects of the well-being of our body. Then we tell you about the properties of mint tea, to take advantage of all these benefits in a drink that is extremely easy to prepare. Before, let's talk briefly about the plant . On mint Mint is actually

Natural remedies for seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin disorder that mainly affects the scalp , and causes peeling of the skin yellowish, oily skin, redness, inflammation, itching and dandruff; It can affect the face, ears, chest and other areas of the body, where sebaceous glands abound. Although the cause of seborrheic dermatitis is not known with certainty, it can be aggravated by a yeast infection, certain medical conditions that affect the nervous and immune systems, in periods with hormonal changes, or it may be related to genetics. You can also suffer seborrheic dermatitis, if the

Properties of capsaicin, present in hot pepper

For many years there has been an incessant search in the laboratories of substances to overcome cancer. However, until now, none had firmly demonstrated this capacity from the scientific-medical point of view. Recently, we have been witnessing the presence of some substances or plants, such as ajís or graviola, which present active principles capable of dealing with cancer cells in vitro . In several studies, a molecule obtained from ajís showed its anticancer power in cultures of lung cancer cells and human pancreas. The substance that we will study today is

Vestibular neuritis: natural remedies to combat it

Vestibular neuritis is an inflammation of the nerve of the same name. This is responsible for sending messages of movement and balance between the inner ear and the brain. Therefore this is located in the auditory interior. Causes The causes for which neuritis or inflammation can occur are varied. Here we will present you some: Decreased blood flow in the inner ear Exposure to toxic agents Exposure to allergic substances Infection of the respiratory or gastrointestinal system Signs and symptoms

Herbs that help eliminate stress

Currently, with life so accelerated that we all have to face, stress is a fairly common condition, becoming a health problem that can affect both adults and children in greater or lesser intensity. Fortunately, we can count on a great variety of natural products that can help us to fight this problem definitively; among these products we find some herbs that relax us and, therefore, remove the stress of our life in a totally natural way and without the risk of affecting our overall health. Next we will know some of these plants and

Medicinal plants to treat gallstones

Those who have suffered gallstones, know the suffering that implies. The gallbladder is that small organ that houses bile, which digests fats and serves as an ally to the liver. How to take care of her? How to take care of it to avoid suffering the annoying gallstones? We explain what medicinal herbs can help you. What are gallstones and how do they form? The appearance of gallstones can appear when we least expect it. But to avoid them, the experts explain that we must follow adequate