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Medlars, allies to cure the liver

Medlars. There are many studies conducted on this spring fruit that experts often call “medica-food” . And it is so, its great therapeutic properties make this fruit of acid sweetness, a remedy more than ideal to cure for example many diseases associated with the liver. Do you want to know more about medlars?

Medlars, small allies of health

Medlars, allies to cure the liver

Have you ever tasted a medlar? sure yes, you know, it is a fruit fleshy fruit, orange color assorted water and excellent essential nutrients. A magnificent contribution of Vitamin B, minerals such as calcium and magnesium, potassium, a very appreciable amount of fiber, tannins and organic acids. What does this mean? That consume daily between four or five loquats, you will get great benefits for the following dimensions. Take note!

For diabetes

That’s right, there are many studies that show us its anti-diabetic function thanks to the action of terpenoid substances, which have the ability to reduce blood glucose levels. So do not be afraid to consume it daily, in the event that you or a family member at home has diabetes. It is ideal.

Resolves gastrointestinal problems

Do you have diarrhea, do you usually have heavy digestions, gas, abdominal pain? So quiet, medlars are great to solve these problems. But yes, the medlar must be ripe, never green. Comment also that thanks to its high fiber content will help us improve our intestinal transit curing constipation. In addition, its content based on carotens allows us to care for and strengthen our digestive mucous membranes , thus avoiding possible gastritis.

Kidney problems

The medlars have a high amount of water, and are also a natural source to eliminate toxins. If you suffer from gout or a kidney problem , do not hesitate to consume about five each day, they will help you a lot.

Respiratory conditions

Did you know that medlars are excellent antivirals? There are studies that attribute to the medlar an antiviral action. It also allows to treat influenza states and even bronchial problems. Thanks to ursolic acid and triterpenes , they are able to resolve inflammations and infections. A magnificent remedy, without a doubt.

Allies to lose weight

Did you know? The medlar, has a high content of water and fiber, in addition to potassium and barely sodium, making it a very low calorie food, three times less than an apple

Properties of medlars to take care of the liver

Medlars, allies to cure the liver

Medlars are natural protectors of the liver. The studies carried out in this regard tell us that its detoxifying properties are perfect to treat it, especially thanks to one of its substances, the so-called amygdala (B-17).

What this element does is regulate its functioning, detoxify it, get rid of poisons, fats and toxins and strengthen it. Note also that medlars are rich in vitamins, flavonoids, and especially, ursolic acid . This last substance acts directly on him to attack fat in case we suffer fatty liver, also improving diseases such as cirrhosis or hepatitis.

What medlars do in essence, is to protect and cure it, a magnificent fruit that the Greeks had known since antiquity and always used as medicine . In recent years doctors and nutritionists do not stop valuing their properties, extolling them above all to take care of our liver.

How can I consume medlars to benefit from them?

Medlars, allies to cure the liver

You’ll be surprised how versatile the medlars are in the kitchen. But our main recommendation is that, if possible, you consume them in their natural form and when they are more mature. It is when they have greater healing properties, both for our liver and for our entire digestive system.

Ideally, you consume between four and five medlars daily. The difficulty is that it is only a spring route , and we can not have it all year. There are many people who, in the face of this lack, prepare delicious jams, but of course, they have too much sugar and then we lose many of their natural faculties. So, our recommendation is that you consume it when the season is regular, so we will apply a perfect treatment to treat our liver and associated diseases.

Finally, point out that you also have something delicious and healthy: medlar honey . It has many properties and is simply tasty. As you can see, the medlar is a fruit to discover. And you already know her?

Medlars, allies to cure the liver