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Meet the quadrant of the flow of money by Robert Kiyosaki

The quadrant of the flow of money is a book written by in which he explains wisely the four ways to get money today. These four ways are:

  • Be an employee
  • Be an entrepreneur
  • Be a self-employed
  • Be an investor

Being this work a continuation of Rich Father, poor father, Kiyosaki intends to give us the keys to achieve financial freedom. Actually, what Kiyosaki does is a cross-shaped scheme of what the supposes. Thus, the author intends to give information about how money moves, why hands are passing and how to be part of this flow.


It is the figure of the capitalist system that exchanges its time and effort for a reward. Thus, this reward, a salary, comes through work. On the other hand, Kiyosaki does not classify the employee as an asset, since it can not be sold or exchanged as a product.

At the same time, he talks about the employee as the figure of the quadrant who has suffered the most from the

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Meet the quadrant of the flow of money by Robert Kiyosaki

It is about the figure that invests the money to maintain a At the same time, he has a flexible schedule, since he has employees under his charge who do the work of labor for him.

Thus, money moves first between entrepreneurs and investors . These are what they bet on a project that should give money that is used to create or use it. Therefore, the role of the entrepreneur is very important in the system; it depends on them that a company goes well and that the money reaches the family of the employees.


Denominated in autonomous Spain , is one who is an entrepreneur and employee at the same time. And is that a self-employed is your own boss, your time and investment will give or not the fruits of the reward: money.

The self-employed man has the hardest job, since his absence from work will not be met by anyone who is in favor or benefit. That is, the self-employed does not have a vacation, does not rest; According to your work time you will get as much or as little money.

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Meet the quadrant of the flow of money by Robert Kiyosaki

This will be the least hard work and, in turn, the most risky. They are people who offer their money to companies to grow, always in exchange for some interest . It is the least hard since his work does not require effort or

On the other hand, it is the most risky, since your money will depend on your knowledge of the market and the action of employers and employees. It is final, your work and money depends on the work of the rest. Therefore, you could say that you do not work for money, but that money works for you.

Other data of interest

Kiyosaki talks about two types of income:

  • Linear income: explains how 97% of the population only owns 3% of the world’s money.
  • Residual income: in this same sense, 3% of the population owns 97% of the world’s money.

On the other hand, 95% of the economic sector is employed . That is, 5% of the participants in the economy are directly responsible for moving that flow of money. In other words, 95% of the population depends on the good performance of 5% of the remaining population.

Finally, these four participants in the economy depend on other external factors . What does this mean? Well, the place where you are born, the education you have had, your family environment and your friendships, the number of births or deaths or even luck, will affect the pockets of each individual.

How? It is very easy, family and friendships will grant more or less facilities; for example, more or less prestigious studies, which will directly affect the work destination.

This is seen, for example, in millionaire entrepreneurs without studies, who have inherited a company. Thus, there are two schools of thought in this regard:

  • Meritocratic thinking : the effort at work or in studies will make the individual have more or less income
  • Anti-capitalist thinking: effort and studies will only help to live a little better or worse, because the capitalist system is designed, increasingly, so that economic empires are inherited and can not be achieved.

Meet the quadrant of the flow of money by Robert Kiyosaki