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Migraine treatment

The treatment of personalized migraine is very important, since the characteristics of it vary depending on the patient

The high prevalence of migraine has led to the success of studies to understand it better. Thus, the first step has been to establish the difference between a migrainous crisis and other types of headaches.

In this sense, it has been defined as a throbbing pain that worsens with physical activity . However, there are different degrees of it, as well as disparate symptoms in some cases and others.

However, we can talk about chronic and episodic migraine . The first occurs when you have more than 15 days a month , for more than three months, while the average of the episodic is usually around 3 times per month.

Origin of migraine

Migraine treatment

Although the original causes are not known, we do know their physiopathological bases . It is a neurovascular disorder linked to cortical hyperexcitability.

Thanks to imaging tests and electrophysical studies, a neuronal polarization has been detected that leads the patient to suffer a crisis with aura. Migraine crises with aura are episodes of headaches combined with various symptoms (visual, sensory, motor, etc.).

An example would be those people who before, during or after suffering the episode of migraine observe luminous flashes in their field of vision. Also, during the episodes a transient alteration of oxygen in the brain is perceived , which could explain in part this disease. All this causes a disseminated cortical depression that activates the channels of pain .

On the other hand, it is not strange that the pains are reproduced as a result of an excessive intake of analgesics . These can stimulate pain sensitivity.

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Migraine treatment

Unlike other pathologies, migraine treatments are highly individualized . Each patient feels the pain in a different way, so the doses of the drugs must be specific for each individual. However, there are clear divergences between one type of migraine and another: chronic is very disabling . In fact, the WHO places it in the 19th position of the diseases of this type.

Thus, while in chronic migraine the treatment is aimed at prevention, in the episodic one opts for symptomatic treatment . However, in this case, it is indicated that the medication should be taken as quickly as possible.

Treatment of chronic migraine

Migraine treatment

As we said, prevention is essential in this case. Therefore, the first thing that is recommended is to adapt the habits of life to the demands of the ailment. Therefore, it is essential to suppress caffeine, exercise moderately regularly and eat and sleep with a schedule.

Also, this should be combined with a medical treatment that will depend on the origin of the migraine:

  • For the control of cortical excitability: beta blockers , antiepileptics and triptans.
  • To balance the release of neurotransmitters: the most effective option according to the studies is the application of botulinum toxin type A (Botox injection), since it has analgesic and muscle relaxant power.
  • If the pain is due to medication abuse:
    • Detoxification
    • Prophylaxis
    • Psychological Support
    • Training to achieve muscle relaxation

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Episodic migraine treatment

These cases are easier to tackle. We just have to deal with the symptoms . Therefore, the use of antiinflammatories or acetylsalicylic acid is recommended as soon as the first symptoms appear.

If the migraine comes from the hand of nausea or vomiting , it is advisable to take some natural remedy that helps control them. Also, the best thing to do is to avoid strong illuminations and intense noises, as these make it worse. Bearing this in mind, we must emphasize that it is important to be in an environment that favors rest and relaxation .

Importance of finding migraine treatment

Migraine treatment

It is fundamental in the case of the chronic, but also in the case of episodic, since the excessive consumption of medication can result in an exacerbation of it.

Taking into account that it is estimated that patients with this disease lose 1% of their lives , and that, in addition, they are at risk of suffering from depression or anxiety, getting an adequate diagnosis and treatment becomes a matter of vital importance.

Also, to avoid the complication with mental disorders, support and understanding of the patient’s environment is part of the treatment of migraine . Otherwise, many patients tend to feel alone and guilty.

However, despite the difficulties encountered by those suffering from this pathology, it is estimated that 60% of cases have not been diagnosed . Consequently, it is necessary that they go to the specialist doctor to provide the relief they need.

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Migraine treatment