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Morning drink to reduce your triglyceride level Spectacular!

Unlike what some people believe, cholesterol and triglycerides are not the same .

. Both substances belong to the group of lipids but, in reality, only triglycerides are real fats and, in turn, are determined by the amount of calories we consume .

Both elements must be maintained at an appropriate limit. In the case of triglycerides, for example, it is recommended that we take care not to exceed 150 mg / dl.

If we ask which of them is more harmful to our health, we will say that both cholesterol and triglycerides themselves can cause serious complications if we let them go beyond the thresholds that are considered healthy.

It is therefore “vital” that we take full consciousness of them on a day to day basis. No matter how old we are: a good diet and an active lifestyle will help us keep both cholesterol and triglycerides “at bay”.

However, it is important to know that triglycerides rise as our weight increases or if too many calories are swallowed.

Hence, we want to tell you about a simple proposal: start to include this spectacular drink in your breakfasts and gradually reduce your elevated levels of triglycerides.

It’s easy, economical and very healthy.

The best foods to reduce your triglycerides

Triglycerides are the final product of digestion and the breakdown of fats in food.

It is a fact that should be remembered because, while part of these fats will be used as a source of energy, another part will be stored dangerously in our abdomen.

  • When we talk about cholesterol and triglycerides, we think almost automatically of people as adults. However, these health indicators should also be taken care of in the child population.
  • At present we already have a high rate of children suffering from obesity and high levels of triglycerides. A fact that is important to remember is that it is not at all that these little ones “eat a lot”.

It is rather that they “eat badly”. Something that without a doubt, we also do adults.

Therefore, we must focus our dietary plan not on reducing the total food intake, but on eating better , consciously, varied and balanced.

We explain now what foods can help you take better care of yourself in the morning if you include them in a shake.

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Spinach, fabulous to reduce triglycerides

  • Spinach contains a large amount of lutein , a type of pigment from the carotenoid family that helps us take care of our heart.
  • Lutein acts as a “moisturizer” for our arteries, so that it prevents hardening and removes the adhered fat from cholesterol and triglycerides from its walls.

The apples, a miraculous fruit

Nothing better than starting the day with an apple. If you do not have much time to sit down and enjoy it bite by bite, include it in this wonderful smoothie to benefit from it.

  • Apples help us reduce the level of blood fat from triglycerides.
  • The pectin and polyphenols present mainly in the skin of apples allow us to improve the metabolism of fats.
  • In turn, this fruit helps us reduce the production of a series of inflammatory molecules that occur with various cardiovascular diseases.

Oats for your heart

Morning drink to reduce your triglyceride level Spectacular!

Oatmeal is the best cereal you can consume to reduce your triglyceride level. Thanks to its beta-glucans and its mucilages we get that excess fat is released directly through the fecal matter.

Likewise, it will allow you to feel more satiated and full of energy to start the day.

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Lemon, the miraculous fruit

In our space we talk to you very often about the benefits of lemon for your health. Now … Did you know how appropriate lemon juice is to reduce the high level of triglycerides?

  • Thanks to its antioxidants and its vitamins we can increase the combustion of fats to prevent them from being stored in our body.
  • It is worth consuming at least half a lemon juice every day.

Next, we explain how to prepare this fabulous drink.

Natural drink to reduce triglycerides

Morning drink to reduce your triglyceride level Spectacular!


  • 1 cup of fresh spinach (30 g)
  • 1 apple
  • 1 tablespoon of oats (10 g)
  • 5 tablespoons of lemon juice (50 ml)
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)


  • The first thing we will do is to wash the spinach and the apple well. This last one we are going to include it with your skin. We will cut it into four parts and remove the seeds from the center.
  • Once in the blender, you only have to add the apple pieces, the spinach, the lemon juice, that spoonful of oats and the glass of water.
  • Process until you get a well homogeneous drink.

Serve in your favorite glass and always consume in the morning, at your breakfast. If you take it at least three times a week and follow a proper diet, in your next analysis you will see good results.

Morning drink to reduce your triglyceride level Spectacular!