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Multiple sclerosis: 14 warning signs you should know

One of the most difficult diseases for science is multiple sclerosis because its causes are still a mystery for neurology.

It is possible that in some cases multiple sclerosis is difficult to detect, while in others, its symptoms are so abrasive that they do not give rise to doubt about its existence.

se presenta en mayor proporción en What is now known is that this disease occurs in a greater proportion in

Main warning signs of multiple sclerosis

Watch carefully these symptoms that cause alerts in the apparent development of multiple sclerosis.

Although each of them may imply something else, when presented together you should seek the opinion of an expert doctor.

1. Weakness

People with this disease feel fatigued and move slowly, especially due to fatigue .

  • It is important to observe if people who are usually active from nothing start to feel tired for no apparent reason.

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2. Lack of balance Multiple sclerosis: 14 warning signs you should know

temblores al caminar e inestabilidad para mantenerse de pie . This symptom presents with tremors when walking and instability to stand up . It is as if it were dizziness and people lose balance suddenly.

Before worrying, you should make sure that there are no other health factors that cause it.

3. Unstable coordination

There is clumsiness in the domain and management of the extremities.

  • The not extend when desired and the legs begin to disobey the brain’s orders for their movements . It walks awkwardly.

4. Decontrol in hands

Multiple sclerosis: 14 warning signs you should know

es muy notorio el descontrol en las manos . If the disease is beginning to appear, the lack of control in the hands is very noticeable .

You will identify this problem because you will not be able to take objects with them or you will have difficulties to sustain them.

5. Muscle spasticity

It is very likely that the muscles become tense, causing pain and .

Since this symptom also occurs in other types of conditions, such as diabetes, it is important that a specialist request discarding tests.

6. Vision problems Multiple sclerosis: 14 warning signs you should know

It is the clearest of the symptoms and there are problems with:

  • Involuntary eye movements
  • Neuritis
  • Double vision
  • Permanent loss of vision in very rare cases

prácticamente se pierde el control visual . It can be said that visual control is practically lost .

7. Sensory alterations

Tingling, numbness and even burning sensations appear on the skin.

This type of sensations are also common in cases of serious circulation problems, so you should observe how regularly they appear and rule out other causes.

8. Alterations in speech

People modulate the words with difficulty, as dragging them with an evident slowness .

There is a problem in speaking that they did not suffer before. They struggle to communicate fluently and clearly.

9. Tiredness

Multiple sclerosis: 14 warning signs you should know

The is one of the symptoms that creates problems in patients with multiple sclerosis.

When it manifests, it prevents a positive attitude in case we are diagnosed with the disease, because daily life is perceived as a permanent reluctance to perform daily activities that were not a problem before.

10. Incontinence

Sphincter control becomes a challenge in people who begin to develop this disease. Many of the patients present:

11. Sexuality Multiple sclerosis: 14 warning signs you should know

Multiple sclerosis virtually ends with . In men, premature ejaculation is present.

Women stop having an active sex life due to the loss of pleasurable sensations, as well as a decrease in lubrication.

12. Cognitive disorders

There is a lack of short-term memory , as well as concentration and discernment.

The ability to analyze gradually degrades to the point of sometimes not understanding easy to understand trivial situations.

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13. Body tremor

espasmos musculares sin explicación alguna en los que el cuerpo tiembla como si tuviese frío en ausencia de este. Episodes of muscle spasms without explanation may occur in which the body trembles as if it were cold in the absence of this.

14. Stitches in the skin

Apart from other sensations already mentioned, one of the most unpleasant and painful is that of needles or pins against the skin.

sienten que están siendo atacado con artículos punzantes que causan una terrible sensación. Those who suffer from this disease feel that they are being attacked with sharp items that cause a terrible sensation.

Monitor the symptoms to prevent the progression of multiple sclerosis

As you can see, multiple sclerosis is a disease that generates a lot of symptoms that diminish the quality of life of people.

los neurólogos recomiendan la exposición solar en horas de la mañana a fin de proveer el cuerpo de . Although for now there is no way to prevent it, neurologists recommend sun exposure in the morning hours in order to provide the body with

And, in many cases, deficiency of this vitamin has been detected in patients.

Now that you know their symptoms, stay alert to identify them and go to your doctor for any suspicion.

Multiple sclerosis: 14 warning signs you should know