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My partner does not trust me

Trust is one of the fundamental pillars on which a healthy relationship is based. Without it one lives in a constant uncertainty that does not let the relationship grow. What to do when the thought arises “my partner does not trust me”?

Mistrust can easily occur and become the worst enemy if allowed to settle in our relationship because it limits the path to a united, happy and lasting life.

When in a bond one of the two mistrusts, instability enters and it is time to reflect on how much guilt one has or if it is a matter of self-esteem of the other party. In any case, the important thing is to take the necessary measures to prevent the advance of what is harmful.

There are many causes why lack of trust prevents enjoyment of love

My partner does not trust me

My partner does not trust me, how to confirm it?

Check your mail, your phone and your clothes? Do you constantly get involved in your social networks? Do you call out uncontrollably? Do you go to your office without notice? Do not want you to leave? Decrease your social activities? All of the above are signs of distrust.

There may also be physical symptoms that occur alone or in combination:

  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Gastritis and stomach pain
  • Tachycardia
  • Sweaty hands

If your partner does not trust you, you will notice that he is not as open as he used to be. Even, I may not tell you anything of what you did in the day, but instead, pay attention to every detail you do or say and give an interpretation that does not correspond to reality.

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Common causes of distrust in the couple

The causes that are behind the lack of confidence that your partner feels in you are varied and each person, each couple, each story is different. Here we show you a list of reasons why it arises:

  • Mistrust and insecurity, believing that there is not enough for the other.
  • The fear of an infidelity , to lose the love or the interest of the beloved person.
  • Jealousy to friends, brothers, mother, father or any other person who withdraws from the other or captures their attention.
  • Irrational thoughts such as: “all men are infidels”, “all women are crazy”, “the political family hurts or the friends fuck”, among others.
  • Having gone through a disappointment, infidelity or deceit incites mistrust.
  • By learning, if there was a lack of trust in the home, we tend to follow patterns of behavior.
  • Fear of abandonment, being very dependent for your own wellbeing and not having to be responsible, both economically and emotionally.
My partner does not trust me

How to increase trust in the couple

As you read, there are several reasons that can make you say: “My partner does not trust me”, but situations of infidelity and deception are the main causes of the safety expectations being disrupted.

Were you unfaithful? What to do?

  • Recognize that you have made a mistake, ask for forgiveness and commit not to repeat it.
  • Not only good words come the forgiveness, it shows with facts that there is no need for suspicion, jealousy or supposition.
  • Remind your partner often what you feel for her in the form of words.
  • Use affection and affection as a way of expression ( kisses , caresses and hugs).

In addition to love, the basic pillars in a relationship should be commitment, trust and sincerity. It is not a path of roses, but that is what relationships are about, to overcome obstacles together and to join more each day.

My partner does not trust me

It is also crucial that you trust yourself, think that person has chosen you for something. Speak clearly about the relationship and request that, when one of the two does not want to be with the other person, expose it. So they can relax and enjoy as a couple.

If you see that despite the efforts the distrust remains, seek professional help. Many times jealousy and distrust reach a point of uncontrol and should be guided with therapy.

Distrusting is a damaging stain on a relationship that must be eliminated. If you are thinking “My partner does not trust me” you must put into practice the suggested tips and apply them to resume happiness . Let nothing stop you! Ahead!

My partner does not trust me