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My son does not take fruit and vegetables, what do I do?

Feeding a child can become a real problem. Every parent has gone through this experience to a greater or lesser extent. And, when younger children start eating, they usually have some demands .

Most children reject food because of their appearance, appearance or simply fear of the new. This is especially true when trying fruit and vegetables.

What can parents do to get a child to eat ? There are some strategies that will help solve this problem.

A child must eat everything. This is due to the stage of development through which it goes through. But sometimes children have food preferences that are more striking and not necessarily healthy.

It can be a real pain for parents to get their child to eat fruit and to the child’s health.

What to do if a child does not want to eat fruit and vegetables?

My son does not take fruit and vegetables, what do I do?

Forcing the child will never be the best way to achieve the end. There are other much healthier and smarter strategies. The important thing will be to ensure that the child enjoys his .

By forcing him to eat something he does not want, he will probably be frustrated and upset. This will only generate a rejection of food, in general.

Many people tend to underestimate certain foods. This may be because, as children, they were forced to eat them. During childhood, any bad action or attitude can affect the child, psychologically.

Forcing a child to eat something he does not want will never be the right option.

If a child closes his mouth before certain foods, he should not be persisted. It is essential to respect your wishes. In the same way, it is important that the child can have time to eat . Do not rush, or demand to eat more than you can.

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The example is paramount

The child always tends to imitate the . If a father wants his son to start eating fruit and vegetables, he should do so too. It must do so in a disguised manner, so that the child wants to imitate the action.

A child will always want to taste the foods of his parents’ plate. This is a good strategy to make the child want to eat fruit and vegetables.

Recipes based on fruit and vegetables

My son does not take fruit and vegetables, what do I do?

Maybe the fruit and vegetables are not very flashy foods. But how about we try them on a cake? There are many that can be made.

Smoothies, smoothies, desserts , cakes, homemade ice cream, and many more options. Maybe the child does not like fruit and vegetables on their own, but he will take them with pleasure if we know how to present them.

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In pieces

This can also be a good strategy. The whole fruit and vegetables seem to be boring for the little ones. Chopping these foods into pieces or making shapes with them will change everything. You can even make funny figures with fruits and vegetables. Children will love to try the figures.

Talk to the child about the benefits of fruits and vegetables

My son does not take fruit and vegetables, what do I do?

When the child begins to read, everything changes. At 5 or 6 years old the child can be told about the wonderful benefits of certain foods for their health. This will encourage the child to eat them.

In this type of situation, patience is paramount . Parents must understand the child’s process. Also respect their times and spaces, especially at lunchtime. The rejection of food should never be linked to the emotional. The child rejects the food, not the parents.

The example that the child receives at home is the most important. Although the child does not like fruits and vegetables, after a while he will accept them. To do this you must see that in your home, all seniors eat these foods without problems.

The more the child sees these foods on someone else’s plate, the more he will want to try it.

As the , their nutrition will improve. Every day you will want to try more and more foods. The same will happen with fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the child should not be rushed. After a while, he will be able to incorporate more food and exclude less.

My son does not take fruit and vegetables, what do I do?