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Natural and effective remedies for children with little appetite

Children with little appetite cause great concern to their parents, who do not know what to do to solve this problem.

In addition, in many cases it can also cause stress in the child, who ends up eating out of obligation more than he would like. The key is to solve the child’s little appetite naturally .

Discover in this article the remedies that will stimulate the hunger of the unappetizing child to eat everything your body needs without having to force it.

Why does not the child eat?

Many children have periods of low appetite during childhood. In some cases they are issues that last a short time, in stages of change. However, sometimes they can last too long and cause them to lose weight, which causes great anguish to the parents.

These are the possible causes of the child having little appetite:

  • Food intolerances: In some cases, when the child has little appetite with only some foods, you may have some intolerance to them.

This can happen with milk, flours or nuts, for example. It should be taken into account if the child has digestive problems of some kind.

  • Anemia: An iron deficit could be the reason why the child has little appetite. In this case we must ensure that the diet is complete and balanced.

We can also increase the amount of foods rich in this mineral.

  • Intestinal parasites: They are very frequent in children, since they put their hands to their mouths easily. However, its symptoms may go unnoticed or be confused with other disorders.

Nervousness, dilated pupils and itching at the tip of the nose or the year are other symptoms of

  • Emotional issues: We should never rule out emotional disorders as causing a disease. In this case, for example, a complicated family situation or any problem in the child’s environment could affect his appetite.
  • Other diseases: If the loss of appetite is prolonged or excessive, we will have to consult with the doctor to carry out the necessary medical tests. In this way we will discard any disease.

Before giving the child any medication, we must bear in mind that some of them carry harmful side effects. For this reason, we recommend opting first for natural remedies and a balanced diet and lifestyle .

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Advice for children with little appetite

1. Pollen

Natural and effective remedies for children with little appetite

a superfood that will solve the possible nutritional deficits of the child, such as anemia.

To take advantage of their benefits, they must take it ground and before meals, with the appropriate dose for their age.

2. Nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast, rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, is an excellent remedy to stimulate appetite. In addition, it is an ideal supplement to promote a good physical and mental development.

3. Yarrow

Natural and effective remedies for children with little appetite

The yarrow is a medicinal plant that stimulates the appetite and promotes digestion.

In addition, it acts as a treatment to prevent and eliminate intestinal parasites , which could be the cause of loss of appetite.

4. Alfalfa grass

Alfalfa grass is a very healthy food with a high

  • In addition to increasing appetite, it also combats acidity and prevents gastric ulcers.

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5. Original recipes

Natural and effective remedies for children with little appetite

A tip for the child to eat is to try new recipes that are visually appealing . We can even make original shapes or drawings with the food on the plate.

If the child does not want to eat vegetables, fish or vegetables, for example, we will try to make fillings or doughs with these ingredients.

A good idea for vegetables to eat is .

6. Participate in the kitchen

Children have to participate in the kitchen, adapting their function to their age.

In this way it will be easier to increase their appetite and they want to eat later what they have elaborated.

7. Sport

Natural and effective remedies for children with little appetite

One of the biggest problems for children today is that their lifestyle is much more sedentary .

This happens because of new technologies, life in the cities or overwork of parents. It is essential that they play and perform dynamic activities every day .

Natural and effective remedies for children with little appetite