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Natural infusions for arteriosclerosis

Natural medicine through medicinal plants is an excellent alternative as a complement to prevent arteriosclerosis in the veins and arteries, which reduces the possibility of suffering from a cardiovascular accident.

Next we will see how to avoid arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular accidents using infusions and natural treatments.

What is arteriosclerosis and how can we treat it naturally?

This is a condition in which there are some degenerative processes within which there is a high risk of suffering serious cardiovascular accidents, so it is very important to be vigilant to keep control.

In this opportunity, as in all aspects of health, good eating habits are very necessary to help control blood pressure levels; the use of some medical treatments are also very useful when these levels are too high, also do not forget that outside these two methods there are medicinal plants that combined in an appropriate way are used as home remedies to prevent and stop arteriosclerosis.

Next we will see some home remedies that are very effective to avoid arteriosclerosis.

Arnica infusion to treat arteriosclerosis

Natural infusions for arteriosclerosis

To make this infusion will be necessary some other plants in equal parts:

  • Arnica
  • Greater comfrey
  • Yarrow
  • Horse tail
  • Shepherd’s purse.

These herbs should be dry and well mixed, prepare an infusion using a spoonful of herbs per cup of boiling water, then cover and let stand for about ten minutes and then take it twice a day. This infusion has great diuretic effects, therefore it should be taken with caution if for some reason there is a risk of dehydration.

Natural treatment for arteriosclerosis with lime and hawthorn

In many opportunities of life we ​​have some problems that cause us stress and this in turn causes us serious problems of high blood pressure , which can make arteriosclerosis more serious. However, this time we will make a mixture of plants that can help control anxiety and therefore regulate blood pressure. For this we need:

  • Ten grams of tormentilla
  • Ten grams of hawthorn
  • Ten grams of yarrow
  • Fifteen grams of
  • Twenty-five grams of linden flowers

These branches must be dry, combine very well to take a tablespoon and then boil a cup of water to make the infusion. Cover and let stand for ten minutes and then drink once or twice a day.

Home remedies for arteriosclerosis with plantain and mint

Natural infusions for arteriosclerosis

To prepare this infusion mix:

  • Ten grams of fennel or green anise.
  • Ten grams of plantain.
  • Fifteen grams of mint.
  • Twenty grams of vegigoso fuco.

All these plants must be dry. To make this infusion you must take two hundred fifty milliliters of boiling water and add a spoonful of this mixture of branches. Take two cups a day.

Treatment to prevent arteriosclerosis

To prevent this disease you should take a healthy diet with products rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, doing everything possible to control the maximum intake of salt, especially if you are suffering from high blood pressure. If you combine these treatments properly and you endeavor to maintain a healthy diet and also do some sport or go for a walk at least three times a week, you can be calm about the health of the arteries.

Natural infusions for arteriosclerosis