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Discover how to make and use lavender oil

Lavender oil is one of the most used in both medicine and cosmetics for its multiple properties. Since antiquity I already knew part of its potential and today, due to scientific research, many more properties have been known. Its characteristic purple color is one of the attributes that makes lavender oil so special. It is also one of the pure and natural oils used for relaxing massages and multiple treatments in How to make lavender oil? Lavender is an aromatic and stimulating plant that helps to fight colic, digestive disorders,

7 natural remedies to eliminate lice and nits in a short time

Lice and nits are parasites that feed on the blood of the person who has them and, in addition to being very unpleasant, they also generate discomfort such as a strong itching or small lesions on the Children are usually the most affected by this plague, due to the ease of contagion that exists in places like kindergartens or schools. Therefore, it is very important that parents are very attentive because, if they are not detected quickly, they can spread and affect other family members. At present, there are many hair treatments and

5 home remedies to fight lice

How to fight lice is a concern for many people. Lice are an unpleasant pest that feeds on human blood and almost always prefer to attack our children. They are common in overcrowded environments or with few hygienic measures, having the ability to spread from one person to another only by direct contact. Although lice often prefer to live in those individuals who live in unhealthy conditions, the truth is that we are all at risk of becoming their home, as they do not discriminate and can choose anyone to form a good habitat.

The risks of lack of vitamins

A balanced diet provides the amount of energy the body needs to function, in addition to   the basic nutrients to prevent diseases . The risks of lack of vitamins are many . Therefore, these elements should be part of the daily diet. Good nutrition includes essential and non-essential nutrients . The vitamins can not miss. The name "vitamins" has two roots: "vita" and "amina"; it means that they are the amines vital to the organism. The main risk of lack of vitamins is that this facilitates the

How to treat diarrhea with 6 herbal remedies

When we go through an episode of diarrhea, our body loses fluids and nutrients that are essential for the functioning of all its systems. This problem, which is not a disease but a symptom, produces a decompensation that manifests itself with physical weakness, dizziness and abdominal pain. For this reason, although it does not hide a serious condition, it is essential to access certain remedies that help to stop it while counteracting the In this opportunity we want to share in detail 6 herbal solutions, ideal to superimpose liquids and salts and

5 natural remedies to treat esophagitis

Esophagitis is an inflammatory disorder that produces lesions in the tissues of the esophagus , the alimentary canal through which food is transported from the mouth to the stomach. It is produced by the return of acidic juices towards the upper part, almost always by a weakening of the muscular esophageal valve that regulates the passage of these fluids. Those who suffer from it experience pain in the upper abdomen , described as a burning or pressure sensation. In addition, it causes excess acidity, reflux and . Its treatment depends

How to relieve stomach discomfort with 5 home remedies

Stomach discomfort, also called indigestion or dyspepsia, is a set of symptoms that is produced by the consumption of overly copious and irritating foods. It is described as a discomfort in the upper part of the abdomen , which may be accompanied by a feeling of heaviness, belching and a notorious inflammation. It is not a serious problem and usually disappears by itself in a matter of hours. However, sometimes it can present complications , alerting a of greater care. Fortunately, it is not necessary to go to the doctor

Can nail fungus cause pain? Discover how to fight them

The appearance of fungus on the nails is a problem that generates some concern . Although it is not always serious or notorious, the gradual development of its symptoms makes many prefer to treat them as soon as possible. In the beginning it manifests itself with a change in the color and texture of the nail. Later, when the infection becomes complicated, a weakening occurs that often ends in the total loss of the nail. Can fungi cause pain? Patients with this condition usually ask themselves this question because, in general,

How to reduce the pains when we have a cramp

Caused by excessive exercise, pregnancy or lack of potassium, these "pulls" mainly in the legs are painful and do not allow us to walk properly. Therefore in this article we will give you some tips to reduce the pain of a cramp. Tips to reduce the pain produced by a cramp Acute pain in the legs or calves known as "cramp" or "lace" can last between a couple of seconds to several minutes . To reduce it you can carry out these techniques: 1.Flexing the toes As soon

Home remedies for nail fungus

Nail fungal infection, medically known as This infection usually affects the toenails more because of their exposure in humid environments such as public restrooms, footwear or socks. Among the symptoms that accompany the appearance of fungal nail include: Fragility Thickening Deformation Yellowish color Breaks Loss of the nail It is important to remember the importance of visiting your trusted doctor in case you are beginning to notice any of these symptoms. Early treatment can prevent you from losing