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Skin eczema: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

In this article, we are going to discuss one of the most frequent skin lesions: eczema, also called eczemic dermatitis. This skin pathology has increased considerably in industrialized areas due to environmental factors. Between 10% and 20% of the population of countries with high levels of pollution suffer from eczema. Discover what are the causes and symptoms of this disorder, as well as the most appropriate treatment. We can not forget that the skin is the largest organ of our body. Being the most exposed layer of the body, it

Home remedies for a good smell in kitchen and bathroom

Many people seek to have at home an atmosphere free of germs and bad smells , but it is not always easy. When cooking, for example, gases and In the toilet, anomalies and breakdowns often cause an annoying situation. How to deal with this? Preparing home remedies to achieve a good smell in kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen is one of the most popular and used areas in the home . In it condenses all kinds of vapors, some pleasant and others not so much. The waste is

7 tips to end the smell of feet in a simple and natural way

The smell of feet is not a serious health issue , but a symptom that we can treat for comfort. In addition, on some occasions it also negatively influences our personal relationships. Discover in this article 7 tips to end the smell of feet with natural remedies. Tips to combat the smell of feet 1. Foot baths This technique is not only effective for the bad smell of feet. It is also very pleasant and helps us to relax and improve the night's rest . We

Natural ingredients that take away the urge to vomit

Among the most common and unpleasant discomforts are the urge to vomit. These can be due to multiple causes , the most common are: digestive problems, migraine, stress, and Because of this, when we experience this sensation we tend to look for a quick cure . However sometimes we can increase the desire to vomit for lack of knowledge about what measures to apply or what are the most effective remedies. 6 natural ingredients that take away the urge to vomit Ginger This root has the goodness to

How to take care of your liver with 5 remedies of natural origin

The liver is one of the most important vital organs. Its good functioning intervenes in the health of other systems and, in turn, is crucial to avoid various types of diseases. It has the ability to filter toxins that travel through the blood to eliminate them from the body. It also participates in the , metabolism and various hormonal processes. In spite of this, it is not exempt from suffering anomalies and disorders of greater care . In fact, due to the overload he suffers in some moments, his labors

5 natural remedies for acne

If there is a disease that can complicate the adolescence of any person is acne. How many of us have not sprouted in the face those small or large skin lesions that turn into black pimples, pimples or red patches? The mirror becomes our enemy because we do not want to see that invasion in the face. After all, there is an absence of a fresh, smooth and smooth skin. Only inflammations are visible that are maintained over time and with it the desperation to look better. During the

6 natural remedies against autoimmune diseases

Next we offer you 6 natural remedies against autoimmune diseases that will help you improve your quality of life and increase your well-being. Autoimmune diseases occur as a result of an error in the . It attacks the cells of the organism itself. When this problem arises, there is usually an exaggerated response against own substances and tissues. In other words, the body defends itself. Common symptoms Fatigue. Fever. Redness Chronic inflamation. Muscular and joint pains.

5 properties of aloe vera that make it worth having at home

Aloe vera is one of the best natural remedies we can offer our skin . Apart from this, there are a series of properties that will turn this plant into something essential and that will make it worth having it at home. 1. Strengthen your immune system To achieve this you will have to prepare a drink with these four ingredients: 1 leaf of aloe 1 glass of water 1 tablespoon of honey aloe vera preparation: The first thing you will

Tricks to make your home always smell good

Sometimes we strive to maintain hygiene in our home, and even then we do not get it to smell as good as we would like. If this happens to you, do not worry because we leave you with a series of tricks to ensure that the spaces in your home remain with a good aroma. 1. Bet on the smell neutralizers There are on the market smell neutralizers of the most interesting. An example is sodium bicarbonate, which is a product with a great capacity to absorb odors. Simply put

Anti-inflammatory cayenne pepper ointments to relieve joint pain

Joint pain is described as discomfort, heaviness or inflammation that arises in any part of the joint , including cartilage, tendons and bones. It is one of the symptoms that most afflicts the population, especially during the third age. It may appear due to wear caused by aging or certain . It often manifests itself after activities that involve physical exertion; However, sometimes it becomes recurrent and produces inability to perform many of the daily tasks. Fortunately, there are many remedies and therapies that can help minimize your symptoms