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Natural methods to grow eyelashes

We all want to have an attractive and seductive look . Surely you are interested that, when they see you in the It is not easy to keep them always beautiful. With the use of mascara and makeup they weaken and sometimes fall more frequently than normal.

To reduce the damage, we bring you some natural methods to grow the eyelashes . Try them, they are very simple.

The recommended foods

Like the hair, the eyelashes grow and weaken or fortify according to the treatment you give them. It is essential to have a healthy and balanced diet . You must eat at least five raw vegetables daily.

It is also recommended that you consume different types of

Another very important food that you should incorporate is oats. It is very rich in

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Goodbye stress!

Natural methods to grow eyelashes

Avoid stressful situations. We know that you can ask yourself what does stress have to do with eyelashes? When you go through stressful situations, the hair weakens and falls in a greater proportion than normal.

Well, the same thing happens to your eyelashes . They also weaken and fall. It is more difficult for us to see it, but it happens to you with the same intensity as with the hair.

Consume vitamin H

Vitamin H, known as and helps them grow faster. The way you have to obtain it is through food.

As it is a B complex vitamin, it is found in :

You should get used to eating nuts like nuts, almonds or peanuts as a mid-morning snack .

Antioxidants and vitamin C

Natural methods to grow eyelashes

Antioxidants have as main representatives vitamins C and E. These vitamins are responsible for combating free radicals. They help the growth and also strengthen the hair and eyelashes.

If you do not consume vitamin C, you will see how the tips open, your hair divides (blooms) and dries. Vitamin E increases circulation in the scalp. You can find these vitamins in :

  • The citrus fruits (lemon, orange, tangerine).
  • The kiwi, in large proportion.
  • The avocado
  • The green vegetables

The citrus fruits are very easy to incorporate, take a glass of juice with breakfast! And you will be strengthening your eyelashes, at the same time that you feed yourself correctly.

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Sleep without makeup

Do not forget to remove makeup. It is very important that, when you make up your eyelashes, before going to bed, remove the It is also recommended that the combs with a brush of mascara worn, but thoroughly rinsed.

There are other products that embellish them in addition to masks . And besides, luckily, they are natural. You can start to try them little by little, so you can see the progress yourself. Remember that the growth of the eyelashes is imperceptible.

Olive oil

Natural methods to grow eyelashes

Olive oil is the natural conditioner for your eyelashes. You should rub with a few drops, every night, on the eyelids and eyelashes. The next morning, rinse with plenty of water. If you repeat this one to two months, you will see that the new growth is stronger and healthier.

Emu oil

Emu oil works for eyelashes like gasoline for cars. It gives them a lot of energy and makes them grow thick and strong. You should apply, with a swab or ear swab, from the root to the tip.

This oil is highly recommended for cosmetics in general, so it is not necessary to apply it at night. You can apply it during the day and also enjoy a very special shine in your eyes.


You can apply it and leave it overnight or rinse it after about 15 minutes. It is also applied on the base of growth and eyelids. The results begin to be seen in a few weeks.

We hope you can adopt some of these treatments, but remember that you must apply them together with a correct diet , which will improve your eyelashes and your body in general.

Natural methods to grow eyelashes