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Natural repellents for mosquitoes

While there are many products that serve to repel mosquitoes and other insects, it is always better to have a natural alternative, especially for those allergic to some articles of perfumery or simply because you want to offer the family something made by ourselves.

Mosquitoes: that big annoyance

They can be the cause of one night we can not sleep or the one responsible for a family picnic that turns into a nightmare. The buzz is more than annoying and not to mention what happens when we are bitten. The swelling and itching may last for several days and even weeks.

Also, keep in mind that mosquitoes can bring diseases or allergic reactions. Beyond the prevention so that these hateful insects do not appear, it is possible to have a natural repellent, which is not made with toxins harmful to our skin and our health.

How to repel mosquitoes with our habits?

It is very important to keep these tips in mind before putting all the chips in a repellent, be it home or purchased:

1-Bathe immediately after exercise, since mosquitoes are attracted to lactic acid and carbon dioxide that is expelled from our body. It is also recommended not to do exercises at night or light candles to deter insects. Reducing salt intake helps create less lactic acid.

2-Wear light clothing, since mosquitoes “prefer” dark garments, which can be seen from a great distance. Better light and clear clothes for a night outdoors.

3-Do not use perfumes or lotions with fruity aromas. The same as for creams or sunscreens. Even the use of a fabric softener with a penetrating odor attracts them.

4-Stay dry. The humidity attracts the attention of these annoying fliers, especially when we sweat. The same as being in places with mud, puddles of water or freshly watered plants.

Natural repellents for mosquitoes: use of plants

You can use these mosquito repellents and remove this problem from above:

– Smell wash: mix one liter of alcohol and 100 cm3 of baby oil along with 30 cloves. Let rest for a few hours and apply on the body.

-Eucalyptus: cook the leaves, strain and with the liquid that is obtained pour into containers that have to be placed in the rooms or closets.

-Citronella: the oil of this plant applied directly on the skin scares mosquitoes.

Lavender : mix oil of this flower with a cream or body lotion and apply on the body.

-Manzanilla: you can rub directly on the skin or drink a tea.

Undoubtedly, excellent alternatives to repel mosquitoes in a homemade, natural and economic way.

Image courtesy of dr_relling

Natural repellents for mosquitoes