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Natural treatments for insect bites

Who has not suffered the sting of a mosquito, a bee or an ant? Besides getting nervous, do you remember what you have done to relieve the burning or itching? If you do not know what to apply on your skin in those cases, nothing better than taking a look at the next article, where you will know the best natural treatments for insect bites.

Home remedies for insect bites


Sodium chloride is very useful for when we get bitten by some insects in the garden or on the beach, and the good thing is that we always have a saltcellar or sachet with salt on hand. You just have to rub a bit in the area where you received the bite and wait until the burning and itching go away gradually.

Natural treatments for insect bites

Essential oils

They get relief after being bitten by an insect. Some of the most useful oils are cedar, lavender or tea tree. You have to apply directly in the area and you will see the immediate results. You can not use this natural remedy in babies, children or adolescents and be careful in cases of the elderly.

White vinegar

It is also very effective and like salt, an element that is present in our home. Apply a pure stream in the bite but be careful if you have scratched and the area is hurt, because it will burn much more.


Neutralizes the poison of some insects. It is a fruit that you can get in the grocery stores or also plant in your garden. Cut a slice that is in the refrigerator and apply to the bite. Leave it there several minutes. You can place a bandage so that it does not move and continue with your activities.

Sodium bicarbonate

It is one of the most used home remedies for insect bites. Baking soda is one of the elements with the greatest advantages in the home, so it should not be missing in your medicine cabinet. Prepare a solution with water and apply at the bite 15 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. It will reduce inflammation and relieve itching.

Neutral or glycerin soap

It can help relieve the sting of insect bites. Rub the soap with a little water and let it dry. Then remove with warm or cold water.


Natural treatments for insect bites

It serves to alleviate the inconvenience that can cause you to bite a mosquito for example. Moisten the tip of your index finger with saliva and immerse it in the sugar bowl, so that the sugar sticks (it can also be with tap water). Rub the affected area with your finger, in moments you will feel it reduces the itching.


It is the home remedy for bee stings par excellence. If you are in the field, in the garden or in a summer camp do not forget this recipe. The only thing you have to do is apply a lot of mud in the area where you have punctured (especially if you have left your sting). The freshness of the earth with water will relieve the pain and reduce swelling. Let the mud dry until it can be easily removed with a little water. Wash the area well with neutral soap so it does not get infected.


Natural treatments for insect bites

It is an excellent painkiller to relieve the pain caused by insects such as the bee. Place slices of fresh tomato (better if cold) around the stinger and on top of it. That will make the inflammation go down and the pain will decrease, making it easier to get that sharp “gift”.


Garlic is useful for many applications and has hundreds of uses. In this case, you have to cut a clove of garlic in half and place it on top of the bite, rubbing a little so that it releases its juices. You can do the same with an onion.


Natural treatments for insect bites

If you have been bitten by an insect and you have an ice cube on hand, wrap it in a napkin or cloth and apply it on the affected area.

aloe vera

The pulp of aloe vera is really very effective to treat any problem or injury that we have on the skin, especially for bites and burns. Cut a stem of aloe vera and extract the liquid, which you should apply in the area where the insect stung you. It relieves pain, reduces swelling and acts as an antiseptic.

Lemon juice

Natural treatments for insect bites

Squeeze a lemon and apply directly to the bite or soaking a cotton or gauze. Pay attention not to have scratched or hurt before because otherwise it will burn a lot.

Banana peel

Cover the bite with the peel of a banana, resting on the skin the fleshy and moist (ie internal). When it dries, change to a new one. Repeat the procedure at least three times.

Saffron or turmeric

Any of the two spices mixed with a little olive oil to create a thick paste are ideal for mosquito bites. Apply on the wound and leave a few minutes. Relieves redness, reduces itching and stops pain.


It is curious that honey bees can help just in the bites of this insect. It is a natural antibiotic that prevents infections and also liberates the skin from the sting. If possible, use the sugary “version” and not the liquid honey .

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Natural treatments for insect bites