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Natural ways to fight cellulite

Just as there are a number of products on the market that promise to disappear as much as possible cellulite, there are others that one way or another can become more effective and even economic because they are natural. Find out what they are.

Alkaline diet

Remember that you have to fight cellulite both inside and outside . Therefore, you must eat healthy. The recommendations to carry out an alkaline diet are fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of water, avoid processed foods, coffee and alcohol. Alkaline foods help reduce the appearance of cellulite as they attract acidic and toxic substances from your body and then eliminate them.


Herbs such as dandelion leaf and ginkgo biloba (tree of forty shields) can help increase circulation in the body and eliminate toxins. Parsley also improves connective tissue structure and circulation. Rosemary helps in the reduction of cellulite and varicose veins.

Note: If you decide to use herbs either in infusion (drink), compresses or oil to treat cellulite, you should consult a health professional before doing so. Some of these herbs can generate negative side effects depending on your state of health or degree of sensitivity of your skin.


Jumping is part of many people’s exercise routine. Doing this activity tones the muscles keeping them healthy and fit. There is a particular routine that helps reduce cellulite and is jumping on a mini trampoline or rebounder, it also helps to relieve stress, delay the aging process, increase your muscle strength and reduce fat.

Note: If you can not use a trampoline, you can choose to jump in a loop.

Seaweed bath

Taking a bath tub has many benefits for mental and physical health, but it can also help with your appearance being one of the natural ways to fight cellulite. The algae bath has been used in the Mediterranean for many years to help fight cellulite. Add 4 sheets of algae to your bathroom once a week for a greater benefit.

Note: If you do not have the possibility to take a bath of algae, you can choose to bathe with an algae-based soap or apply a natural cream that contains among its ingredients said plant.

Take care of your skin naturally

Many skin care products contain chemicals that can get trapped in fat cells, only to make cellulite more noticeable. The chemicals do not do you any favors, so instead of using products with synthetic ingredients look for the natural ones to help minimize the appearance of cellulite!

Drink a lot of water

Besides being vital for health, drinking plenty of water is also important for the skin. Our body needs water to help the fat cells break down and eliminate toxins. Make water your favorite beverage to naturally strengthen the collagen in your skin and consume other drinks in moderation.

Alternative therapies

Another of the natural ways to fight cellulite is through alternative therapies such as reflexology, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage or massages that activate the circulation of the affected area.

Natural ways to fight cellulite

Fighting cellulite is a process that requires a lot of patience and attention. Do not start to perform all the previous steps at once, start with the easiest one for you and once you practice it constantly, continue with another step and so on.

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Natural ways to fight cellulite