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Black pepper, fantastic for your health

Nature gives us a wide variety of spices, products that not only provide spectacular flavors to meals, but also contain very beneficial components for our body. In the specific case of black pepper, it is a formidable ingredient to season culinary preparations and, in the process, reduce the use of Black pepper gives food that spicy and aromatic flavor, so characteristic, but also gives advantages to health, it works as a natural stimulant of gastric secretions . In this way, it favors the digestive processes in the stomach . But this is

9 secret benefits you did not know about the kiwi

The kiwi is a small and delicious fruit , known for its brown color and its fur with hairs on the outside and its bright green interior. It is native to a valley in China, but was then taken to New Zealand, where today it is produced in high quantity. It was called "kiwi" due to its resemblance to the namesake bird , very popular in Oceania. It is a fruit whose taste, indicate those who know, is a perfect combination between banana, strawberry and pineapple. Learn about the benefits of kiwi in

The properties of papaya, an extraordinary fruit

Who does not like papaya? This fruit not only keeps a sweet taste and very pleasant to the palate, but also its attractive color make it one of the favorite fruits of large and small alike. In this opportunity, we will review the wonderful properties of papaya, ranging from good digestion to the relief of inflammation . Papaya is a tropical fruit native to Central America , with a very soft texture when consumed and usually orange. One of the main properties of papaya in the health of the human being is

Do you like coffee? Take it to prevent dementia and other degenerative diseases

Although it has always been said that drinking coffee was not good for your health, this is a myth that the Taken in timely measures, during maturity, coffee is ideal to protect us from many diseases and help our cognitive development. How does coffee help us? The coffee is ideal for: Always have energy. The component that has coffee in greater quantity is caffeine and this stimulates our nervous system. This will help us to improve our coordination, the resistance, the fluidity of our movements, it will

The nutritional benefits of litchi or Chinese grape

Litchis , also called Chinese grapes, are tropical fruits native to China ; They have a heart shape with a reddish, hard and thin skin, which reveal a juicy, whitish pulp, with a sweet and perfumed taste, which surrounds a hard, brown seed. NUTRIENTS VITAMIN B The litchies are rich in vitamin B2 and B6 . Vitamin B2 helps metabolize carbohydrates and vitamin B6 helps metabolize proteins, maintain the functionality of nerve cells, and is essential for a healthy immune system . VITAMIN C They are

Anticancer properties of tomato

The tomato, besides being delicious and offering multiple possibilities in the kitchen, has many beneficial properties for our health, among which we highlight today its preventive function of cancer. In this article we explain these properties and we give you three culinary suggestions to consume tomatoes in the most pleasant and natural way while preventing health problems: homemade tomato sauce, Andalusian gazpacho and homemade ketchup. Benefits of tomato The tomato is low in calories, rich in vitamins A and C and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium or calcium. It also

10 foods to purify your body daily

You already know that famous term "we are what we eat". But sometimes we forget and we eat poorly, too many fats, too toxic ... How about if we take care of ourselves a little more and know what foods can help us detoxify the body? We explain it to you! 1. Lemons Wonderful treasure of that we can not do without. We love the lemon and how well it feels our body, rising without doubt as one of the foods that best purify the body. Lemon

Do you know the properties of lavender tea?

It seems that every day more people discover (actually, re-discover and re-value) the many advantages of drinking herbal teas. It is that nature has really given us, through the vegetable kingdom, an infinity of remedies for all kinds of affections. On this occasion we will discuss the lavender infusion. This type of tea in particular has been used for centuries, especially for people suffering from nervous system disorders . But that is not its only healing power, but its health benefits are many. Would you like to know more about the benefits