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5 requirements to make a good diet

In the search for a healthy weight and a better quality of life, thousands of people are trying to maintain a good diet, according to the needs of their body. Nutrition is a complex process that intervenes in Today there is more interest in adopting complete and balanced diet plans , although their effects on body weight are not as instantaneous as those offered by the popular "miracle" diets. And is that, although many diets are attractive and cause temptation, there is more information on their side effects and the importance of

The types of cheese and their nutritional value

The elaboration of cheese is a millenary art that is practiced in a particular way in each different region. Each culture has its forms of healing and different mixtures of milks. As a result, types of cheese and their wide variety arise. Benefits of the types of cheese for your health Let's explore the benefits of different types of cheese for your health: It is very rich in proteins. Important source of essential amino acids. It contains a significant amount of . Decreases

What does a strawberry bring us?

The strawberry is one of the fruits that most appeals to us in the summer and, for our body, it is one of the best fruits we can consume. The composition of the strawberry is one of the most nutritious in terms of fruit and it is completely recommendable to take it without limits. However, people who have an allergy to this fruit should avoid eating it and, people who suffer from diabetes, should be very careful in eating large quantities. Strawberry composition The composition of the strawberry is the following, for

Spinach, strong as Popeye?

Spinach is a great source of vitamins and minerals , among many other essential nutrients for our body; Therefore, it is one of the foods that can not be missing in our diet, both in summer and winter. Composition for 100 gr of spinach Spinach contains a large amount of nutrients that help us have a better balance in our body. Therefore, it is one of the foods that should be present in our diet about twice a week, among other vegetables and vegetables. Energy (Kcal) 22

9 water-rich foods to combat dehydration

Regular consumption of water-rich foods is one of the simple measures to combat dehydration. This condition, which can be caused by the low consumption of liquids or excessive loss of them, is one of the triggers of many health problems. Although many people ignore it, water participates in all the vital functions of the body. In fact, it is estimated that more than 60% of the composition of the organism corresponds to this liquid. What happens by not drinking water? The lack of liquids in the body produces an alteration in

Pepper, a great source of vitamins

The pepper is one of the most consumed vegetables and of which more than 150 different varieties are known, although they can be divided into two large groups, spicy and sweet. They are foods rich in fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates and antioxidants, especially vitamin C , doubling the amount of oranges or strawberries. A characteristic component is capsaicin, more abundant in the spicy varieties, which has antibiotic, analgesic and stimulating action of the gastric mucosa and the gallbladder. Great source of vitamins present in the pepper - Vitamin C :

What are the empty calories and what foods are found

You seek to lose weight so you measure what you eat, you try to avoid excesses and count your calories, right? But you do not know what the empty calories are. The reality is that if you are not careful, you could be consuming them and limiting the results of your efforts . To help you avoid it, we will talk about them and the foods they are in. What are empty calories Empty calories are those that do not provide nutrients and, therefore, are not considered food either.

What to keep in mind to make a gluten-free diet?

intolerancia al gluten pareciera que tener una dieta sana y agradable es imposible. When you have just been diagnosed with gluten intolerance it seems that having a healthy and pleasant diet is impossible. gluten solo requiere algunas pequeñas adaptaciones. However, making a gluten-free diet only requires some small adaptations. What is really complex is usually to get used to the idea that you will have to eliminate certain foods from your menu . Therefore, making a total elimination of these foods is the key to success. The fewer temptations you have on

What is the right amount of protein in a diet

Many are the nutrients that we must consume for our body to function properly . Now, it is important to know what is the appropriate amount of protein in a diet. This is because they can help us to form, regenerate and maintain all the tissues that make up the body, be it the tendons, the muscles, the organs and even the skin itself. In that sense, Andrew J. Nightingale , Ph.D in bioinformatics and biochemistry of the EMBL-EBI, member of the Universal Protein Repository (UniProt, for its acronym in English), said that

Tips to eat less quantity

Many people get fat even though they choose healthy foods because they do not know or can not limit the amount of food they eat. If we learned to eat less, to satisfy ourselves before filling ourselves too much, we could maintain a balanced weight and even lose the extra pounds in the most natural way. In this article we give you some tricks to start eating less and get used to stop eating when your body already has enough, without having to continue eating for other reasons (anxiety, gluttony, caprice, etc.). In