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Onironauts: Is it true that we can control our dreams?

Onironauts .. We could say that there is a long tradition towards this concept: the control of dreams. But it is now when the term has become fashionable and you can find numerous forums on the Internet. But what about reality in this? And even more, how do they achieve it?

The onironauts and the lucid dreams

Onironauts: Is it true that we can control our dreams?

The Onironauts have a common ability: to control their dream world. Although this phenomenon has become popular since the New Age movement , its tradition also dates back to the perspective of Hinduism and Buddhism , there where through various states of relaxation , such as breaths or even the so-called mantrams (sacred sound) can establish a waking state in which, control dreams. But let’s go by steps.

As experts in dreams tell us, there is only the possibility of having control over dreams when we experience precisely what is known as lucid dreams. Surely you have experienced them on occasion.

These are moments, especially at dawn and when we are almost ready to wake up, when suddenly, while we are dreaming we are aware that what we are seeing is not real. We acquire a sudden sense of control in which, almost on a whim, we tell ourselves that “because now I would like it, now I would like …”

It is something like we say very common. The onironauts tell us that, effectively, the idea is to make those lucid dreams last long enough to allow that control to be more extensive. The normal thing is that they happen in a waking state, when in spite of being asleep we are almost ready to wake up, a magical moment that lasts a few seconds for most of us .

However, there are real experts in this area called lucid dreams. In fact, almost the same happens during nightmares. At that moment when we suffer a lot of anguish there are times when we end up saying to us that “I am going to wake up now because this is just a bad dream”.

But what is an onironaut looking for?

Onironauts: Is it true that we can control our dreams?

The oneironaut simply seeks to expand horizons, knowledge and experiences. We could say that it is a way of knowing reality in a more intense way entering into this interesting field of dreams. There are those who see in the oneiric a way to relax from the common tensions. But beware, to enter the dream world does not mean that they are not interested in the real world, on the contrary, it is a way to complement it and make it richer.

Some call it personal growth, others simple curiosity, like someone who does sports or reads self-help books. Is it possible to control dreams? The scientists have not given us any explanation, it is simply something personal that each one can approach in the way they want. But as a curiosity we will tell you that there are different onironauts. Do you identify with any?

  • Onatonauts Innatos: in this group would be all those people who have had lucid dreams since always. An innate aptitude since childhood: control dreams at your will and remember them clearly.
  • Mystical Onironauts: These are people who see lucid dreams from a more mystical point of view and as a way of learning. His intention is to enter the spiritual world, and to do this they use very specific techniques.
  • Onironutas Psychologists : these onironauts see this peculiarity as a way of entering the world of dreams from a scientific perspective, and above all to understand the mental and psychological phenomena of people. They do not seek the spiritual.
  • Curious onironauts: People who know the phenomenon of lucid dreams by chance and who want to enter this world through reading and talking with other people.

Onironauts: Is it true that we can control our dreams?