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Perfect tricks to boost your memory

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We believe ourselves to be superior to animals. However, some birds remember the exact place where they deposited seeds many months before. And we can easily forget any aspect of our daily life.

Our brain has around one hundred billion

This mega connection is what makes your memory possible, as well as the ability to process and retain a lot of data.

Below we will give you some useful tips to remember things for a longer time.

Perfect tricks to boost your memory

Memory is always associated with feelings, and receives stimuli from them.

  • Why do the so-called “memory lapses” occur? Generally for a lack of attention.

The notes or notes help a lot to fix the idea in the mind , while we write it. And also to review everything at a later time.

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Perfect tricks to boost your memory
  • When we do not understand a concept or an idea, it is more complicated to remember.

However, when we make an effort of understanding, relationships are established between the elements that form a concept, joining and combining to form a logical whole.

  • Similar concepts can be classified to remember better .

For example, a list of things to do can be divided into things what will be done at home, labor issues, what corresponds to leisure, etc.

The information can be grouped into blocks and the elements sorted, for example, alphabetically.

  • It is also very positive to repeat things out loud. When we say a word aloud we force ourselves to remember how it is said, and we have the memory of it.
  • The drawings and schemes also work to record data in your memory.
  • When we learn something new, we have to associate it with what we already know.

If we link new ideas with stored memories , it will be much easier for us to code and retrieve the information, because the association will serve as a clue.

For example, if you want to remember someone’s name in your memory, you relate it to some feature of their appearance or to anything else that comes to mind.

Although the association does not have much logic, it will be easier to remember

  • How to consolidate what we already know? One of the best techniques is to review what is learned, such as explaining it to someone else.

Rules to boost your memory

Perfect tricks to boost your memory

1. The length of words and numbers

It is an ideal rule to memorize long numbers. Each of the numbers is replaced by a word containing that number of letters , and a phrase is formed with it.

The longer the number, the more effective this rule will be for your memory.

2. Rule of the fable

The key is to invent a story that has integrated the concepts or ideas that we intend to remember.

Your memory will record a story much better than single words.

3. The chain

It is similar to the previous one. Our brain remembers stories or absurd stories much better than others with more logic.

Therefore, to remember a list or any concept, we will invent a story without much meaning with those words.

4. The first letter

With the first letter of the words we want to remember we will build a very simple sentence.

With funny words, or with a high dose of irony, it will be . You can also invent a new word , formed by the initials that you want to remember in your memory.

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5. The rule of places

This technique is based on associating information with the places of a known route .

As an example, with the rooms of your house, you go through them mentally in an order and inserting one or several related objects.

Perfect tricks to boost your memory