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Personality can change over the years

There is a song that says “I am like that, so I will continue, I will never change” … Are we really all the same in terms of our personality?

In the following article we will tell you how human beings have the ability to modify certain habits, behaviors and behaviors over time.

Personality is forged over the years

Personality can change over the years

While it is common to think that since we are born until we cease to exist “we are molded in stone” and it is impossible to change our personality, the truth is that we have the ability to generate changes in it.

The goal of this transformation is to become better

Personality is not something that can not be moved, shaped or driven. Through different external stimuli and a great internal commitment can change shape.

  • At birth we incorporate certain habits through the teachings of our mother.
  • As we grow we add experiences, ways of seeing life and even traumas according to our education and our environment.

Over the years, we almost always have the same attitudes or responses to what happens to us.

Our similar reactions make us believe that the personality is impossible to change because it has been burned and will be intact for all eternity.

However, we can take control of the situation and modify at least certain aspects of our

Thanks to these changes we will improve the relationship with ourselves and with those around us.

Although it may be simpler to move the pieces of the personality at a young age (children are much more malleable than adults), we can also obtain good results “from large”.

Do not think that you will not be able to change anything because you are older, since nothing in this world is irreversible except for death (as a popular saying goes).

It may be that those modifications we achieve are not too tangible. Do not expect changes of 180 degrees, because we may not get them.

However, at least we can make certain adjustments or adjustments that allow us to live better, feel happier and maintain more lasting relationships.

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Change your personality little by little

Personality can change over the years

Surely there are aspects of your personality that you do not like, others that you like a little and, of course, those that you love.

Start by making small changes in those that are not “saints of your devotion” with the aim of making them, at least, something more pleasant and that you can continue working in the

With small gradual modifications it may be enough to find that happiness that is being elusive.

You must not make a change that disrupts your day to day or that takes you too far from your essence as a person.

It is good to know that improvements are necessary because staying stuck always in the same place depressed , sad and frustrated.

Apply the phrase “be like the river that always flows and never stagnates” in your life.

If, on the other hand, you stay in the same position, it will be very difficult to transcend as a person. You were not the same 10 years ago and you can not even say you were 2 months ago.

It is not a question of weight, experience or relationships , but of the way of seeing things. Probably your ideas of adolescence have changed compared to what you have today and vice versa.

We must not cling to the idea that the personality is immutable and to think that, perhaps with small gradual changes, we will enjoy better relationships with ourselves and with others.

Start with a specific feature of your attitude or a habit that brings you more problems than joys.

Do you wake up in a in the morning? Do you misbehave people when they ask you for something? Are you selfish? Do you have trouble expressing your feelings?

First, detect what aspect you want to change and work on improving it. Little by little, step by step, and enjoying each step you climb on that staircase that leads to success.

The steps to change the personality

Nobody says it’s simple: changing the personality is one of the most complicated tasks that a person can carry out.

The good news is that the results are too good to dismiss .

Modifying certain habits that we have ingrained in our interior for so long is difficult but not impossible.

These steps will help you achieve your goal:

1. Believe you can change

Personality can change over the years

It is the first thing we must remember at all times and, above all, when things do not go so well.

If we think that the change is within our reach we can work on it.

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2. Become the owner of the situation

If you “take the ship’s helmsman” nothing and no one can stop you. Be the captain of the boat that must go through gigantic waves and storms but, when you reach your destination, feel satisfied with your actions.

3. Commit yourself for a long time

Although some habits can be changed in 21 days, others may take years, because they are too comfortable in their place or have taken deep roots in our interior.

4. Try even if you fail

During the process you will have moments when it seems that you have returned to the starting point. Do not give in, since changing the personality is a slow and arduous process, but it has many satisfactions.

Personality can change over the years