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Plants that help us stop smoking

Smoking is one of the worst habits for health, but its addiction, the dependence caused by nicotine and all its carcinogenic components, forces us to remain enslaved daily to those cigarettes that mark our hours and our customs, gradually diminishing our Health.

Quitting smoking requires a strong willpower and a clear personal determination to leave that habit and start a healthier life in which we can alleviate all the side effects caused by tobacco, for this we need or the help of a professional, of our doctor or the simple personal motivation, because we believe them or not the statistics tell us that there are many people who have been able to stop smoking by themselves: will, perseverance and the need to have a healthier existence, should be the pillars fundamentals on which to settle our determination, especially if you smoke between 20 or more cigarettes a day.

The plants that we reflect next can help you alleviate your cravings, relax and soften the withdrawal syndrome . They are easy to get, you can find them in your supermarket or in herbal shops; Its preparation is just as simple, just include them daily in your diet, trying to change habits, practicing sports, and fighting above all with those desires to turn to the first cigarette of the day just get up.

Passionflower or passion flower

This beautiful flower has as a virtue to reduce the withdrawal syndrome, relax and help us rest . To prepare the flower of passion, it is very appropriate to use both its petals and its fruit in dry form, take a spoonful where they fit several of their petals and their fruits and take them to the teapot in boiling water, then let it rest for 10 minutes .
We can take it before going to sleep, rest better and wake up relaxed.


Licorice has been used for many centuries as a substitute for snuff , chew its root gives us a great physical and psychological benefit, relaxes us, and also, its components not only alleviate the withdrawal syndrome, but also helps us prevent the skin cancer. It is a plant with little toxicity, although we must indicate that it is not beneficial for diabetics since it interacts with certain medications.
We can consume it in several ways: in powder and by an infusion, in decoction, simply chewing its root or even consuming the licorice pills that are sold in herbalist shops.


Plants that help us stop smoking
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Ginger has great health benefits , especially for our digestive system, which is why it is very common in many recipes and natural medicine. The part of this plant that is usually used is its rhizome or its root, being very appropriate to take it in the form of tea or infusion.
Ginger helps us to alleviate the urge to smoke, and like licorice, given its strong flavor leaves us a satiating sensation on the palate that distracts the cravings of the cigarette.

The noni

Excellent medicinal plant with very characteristic fruits, already used in many ancient cultures as a remedy to many ailments and diseases. In our case, to help us stop smoking it is very convenient to use dry noni leaves to make infusions , and not only will it allow us to relax and fight in withdrawal symptoms, it will help us rest and improve our digestion.

Indicate from here that your willpower is essential to liberate you little by little from this dependence , you can start to limit the number of cigarettes a day, play sports, take care of those moments when you know you need the desired dose of nicotine: when you wake up , after eating, when you have a coffee, when you meet with family or friends … Medicinal plants will always be a great ally for you, but your willpower is your main personal weapon to get rid of nicotine.

Plants that help us stop smoking