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What is the linea alba, this mark of pregnancy?

The linea alba is a spot that usually appears on the belly of each pregnant woman . It goes from the pubis to the navel vertically. Sometimes it may be covered with hair. It is especially noticeable in dark-skinned women and is called black line. The appearance of this brand is linked to the hormonal changes that occur during the gestation stage . Therefore, it becomes more noticeable in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy. This slight change in the skin of pregnant women does not entail any discomfort.

Is it dangerous to take contraceptives during pregnancy?

Is it dangerous to take contraceptives during pregnancy? The use of contraceptive pills for family planning is very frequent. However, they are not 100% effective . In fact, there are cases of pregnancy despite consuming them correctly. This is important, as some women do not realize they are pregnant and continue to take these pills . In this article, we explain if the chemicals in the contraceptives can affect the baby. What are birth control pills? Birth control pills are small tablets that are taken daily. Generally,

Vitamins needed in pregnancy

The feeding in pregnancy is of vital importance, because it has to cover specific nutritional and energy needs ; It is necessary to choose a good diet, to nourish not only the mother, but also the fetus, and thus ensure an optimal state of health for both. VITAMINS Vitamins have regulatory functions of the body and the needs of some of them, especially in pregnancy. VITAMIN A Deficiency of vitamin A is usually existent, but we must be very careful with hypervitaminosis A or excess of vitamin, since it

Crying in pregnancy: how can you influence your baby?

Women during pregnancy are more sensitive to external factors. Consequently, crying becomes habitual during the gestation process. This usually causes worries in the future mothers since it is frowned upon and could affect the baby. Therefore, it is important to know how crying affects pregnancy. Believe it or not, crying has some health benefits such as generating well-being , eliminating toxins and releasing stress. Sometimes after crying you can clearly see the solution of the problems and the mood can improve, making the mother feel motivated. Why do women often

4 tips to make your son happy before birth

If you are pregnant, or your partner is expecting a baby, you may think that you have to wait to make your child happy before they are born. However, we have a surprise for you. You do not have to wait for 9 months! Keep reading this article to find out how you can do it. How to make your child happy before birth Surely you are excited or excited to have your little one in your arms and finally meet him directly. However, you can enjoy your baby before it

When is menstruation normalized after delivery?

A woman's life is full of changes, especially during pregnancy. After delivery, your body normalizes little by little. However, there is great concern among mothers about the time of first menstruation after delivery. In this article, we explain it to you. Postpartum Postpartum is the stage of transition in which the woman's body recovers step by step its normal form and functions after the hormonal and physiological changes that pregnancy produces. Just at this stage, the production of hormones decreases due to the absence of the placenta to secrete breast

Why do we have so much sleep in pregnancy?

Every time you see a pregnant woman, you will notice her obvious dream face. Yawns come and go. It's real, they feel that tired. It is so common to feel sleepy in pregnancy that for many it is one of the first symptoms that confirm the news of being pregnant . For those who have not had children, it is inexplicable both to yawn and to sleep. However, in what is confirmed the gestation of a baby, they discover that sleep in pregnancy is part of the new reality. The clarity

9 myths about pregnancy

Myths about pregnancy can vary from one generation to another and are part of the culture of each region. Each culture, according to their beliefs, has its own myths . Myths about pregnancy Myths about feeding   "Since I'm pregnant, I have to eat for two" The myth that the should eat for two is one of the oldest and most frequent. You do not have to eat for two, but for two . The exaggerated consumption of food can put at risk the health of the

The changes your body experiences in pregnancy

With the growth of the baby, the belly bulges and gives the unequivocal signal that you are breeding life. But your body in pregnancy experiences many more changes than the obvious belly that grows and grows. The intense activity of hormones and the growing baby make your body live an intense transformation. As the pregnancy progresses, your body has anatomical, physiological and chemical changes. All these changes are what ensure the proper development of the baby, from nesting (when the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus) to delivery. Your body

8 tips for a healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting moments in a woman's life. Certainly, with changes and symptoms that can sometimes be annoying, but that quickly forget the enormous expectations generated by the arrival of a baby. A healthy pregnancy is the prelude to the greatest happiness: to receive a child . Having a healthy pregnancy is not only a guarantee of the effective and happy gestation of the new life, but also provides physical and emotional well-being to the woman who has embarked on this extraordinary process . Basic tips for achieving