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Properties of green tea and therapeutic uses

Properties of green tea and therapeutic uses

The properties of green tea, one of the oldest drinks in the world, have turned these plants into one of the most special varieties worthy of study.

Among all varieties of tea, green tea is probably the best known. The composition of this plant makes it a powerful infusion for medicinal use and therefore responsible for innumerable benefits for the body.

Properties of green tea: THERAPEUTIC USES

  • Anticancer effect : It is studied and demonstrated that among the properties of green tea, is the prevention of some types of cancer. It is highly recommended for women, since it reduces the risk of ovarian cancer by almost 50%.

In men, it produces beneficial effects to prevent and prevent prostate cancer.

  • Diuretic Its daily use is highly recommended to avoid fluid retention and elimination of toxins and impurities.
  • Antibiotic effect . It has a slight effect on viruses and infections.
  • Beneficial for the heart Due to its content of vitamin P, green tea reduces the formation of blood clots and therefore, heart attacks.
  • Relieves fatigue . Its habitual consumption combats the physical fatigue and the feeling of anguish. Therefore, it is a good helper for people with depressive symptoms.


Green tea contains an important percentage of theine, tannins and caffeine. This can cause some side effects that we must take into account.

  • Do not take in case of hypertension . Increase in blood pressure, which would cause symptoms of nervousness and therefore its consumption should be restricted in case of suffering from this disease.
  • Anemia Green tea contains tannins. These absorb iron so excessive use of this tea could cause anemia.
Properties of green tea and therapeutic uses
Green tea plantation


  • The consumption of green tea should be responsible , because although it is a healthy drink and recommended for health, excessive consumption can cause, as we have seen, some problems to the body.
  • It is an infusion not recommended for the little ones due to its stimulant content.
  • It is recommended to consume it as infusions. To benefit from the properties of green tea, experts recommend a consumption of three cups of green tea daily to prevent the onset of cancer, however, each person should assess the effects that green tea causes, and calculate their own daily dose .
  • It is always recommended a moderate use of any infusion.
  • With regard to its preparation, it is recommended that green tea be prepared with water below the boiling level so that it does not bitter.

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Properties of green tea and therapeutic uses