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Recipes with roquefort cheese

This cheese of French origin has many followers in the whole world, for its characteristic flavor. Also called “blue cheese”, it is prepared with sheep’s milk and comes from the region of Causses de Aveyron. It can be used in cold or hot dishes, either as a starter, first course and even desserts. Some recipes with roquefort cheese.

Roquefort cake

The ingredients that are needed are:

*200 grams of flour

* 1 tablespoon of yeast

* 200 grams of milk cream

*3 eggs

* half a cup of raisins

* 150 grams of roquefort cheese in squares

The preparation is very simple: moisturize the raisins in hot water. Beat the eggs aside and add flour and yeast. Then the cheese and the cream of milk. Last the raisins. Pour the contents is a mold with butter and flour. Take to the oven for 35 minutes. Cool and unmold.

Recipes with Roquefort cheese: risotto

For this recipe several ingredients are required, however, its preparation is simple and above all, delicious:

-1 cup of rice

-200 grams of mushrooms

-half an onion

-1 clove garlic

-1 cup of white wine

-3 cups of vegetable stock or chicken

-100 grams of cream cheese

-50 grams of roquefort cheese in cubes

-50 grams of grated Parmesan cheese




-chopped parsley

Sauté butter, onion and garlic. Add mushrooms and then the rice which fry until it is transparent. Pour the wine until it evaporates. Then, stir and add the broth little by little. Then the cheeses (except the parmesan). Reserve for 5 minutes. Sprinkle parsley and grated cheese.

Roquefort dressing

The only thing that should be done for this wonderful recipe is to perfectly liquefy all the ingredients:

-300 grams of Roquefort cheese

-150 ml of milk

-250 grams of sour cream

-10 grams of salt

-10 grams of pepper

Ideal for meat, pasta, chicken and salads .

Breasts roquefort

The ingredients that are needed for this recipe are:

*1 chicken breast


*3 eggs

*Roquefort cheese

*olive oil

* salt and pepper


* 3 garlic

Filet the brisket and salt and pepper. Cut the garlic into slices. Beat the eggs and introduce the fillets. Leave 3 hours inside this container, in the fridge covered with plastic wrap. Apart, cook the cream with the cheese until it boils. Pass the fillets through flour. In a pan place olive oil and fry. Pour the breasts in the cream and roquefort mixture and cook for 15 minutes.

Image courtesy of Chris Waits

Recipes with roquefort cheese