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Banana and caramel cheesecake in cup

The banana cheesecake is one of the most desired variations of this dessert, to give it a touch of authenticity that will make you look like a professional, we will teach you how to make it with a delicious caramel sauce served in a glass. Ingredients 200 g of vanilla cookies 50 g of butter 350 g of cream or cream 120 g of bananas cut into slices 5 tablespoons of sugar 10 g of gelatin 50 cc of water

Caramelized pineapple with vanilla ice cream

A tropical and citrus touch for the traditional ice cream, this is what we will achieve with this recipe of caramelized pineapple with vanilla ice cream. This is a dessert for those occasions when we want to do something extraordinary in the kitchen, a recipe that has a touch of ours. Caramelizing the preparing a creamy vanilla to which you should bet with patience and good cheer. See then what pride you will feel when you see the result of a homemade "vanilla gelato". Ingredients For the caramelized pineapple:

Walnut Bars

Many times we get hungry throughout the day, especially mid-morning and at snack time, but we do not want to eat something that fattens too much, or that takes a long time to prepare. One solution is walnut bars , but those sold in supermarkets are very expensive for the amount they bring. That is why here we propose an option: do them yourself. The recipe that we bring today is not difficult to prepare and the ingredients can be found in any supermarket. In addition, you can vary the ingredients of

2 delicious recipes of cinnamon fritters

Who does not like fritters ? Buñuelos can be a very good option for when you want to have a sweet and you do not have anything at home or for when guests come in a while and you have been caught without a cookie in the pantry. We give you 2 different recipes, one more elaborate and the other easier to make. Recipe of cinnamon fritters This first option is very rich. It's a bit elaborate but it's worth it. With this recipe you get some very fluffy fritters.

Delicious homemade vanilla

Vanillas also called "biscuits to cuillere" have such because is elaborated with a spoon "cuillere"; the spoon was filled with the mixture and spread with the characteristic shape that this sweet preserves today. When they come to mind, memories of childhood appear ... the grandmother's snacks with the vanilla dipped in hot chocolate. Do you want to remember old times? Well, nothing better than making your own homemade vanilla. They have nothing to do with those sold in supermarkets !. Recipe of homemade vanilla Ingredients: 3

Vanilla soufflé with chocolate cream

When we think of the word "soufflé", a salty dish or an entree may automatically come to mind. However, there are sweet options to enjoy this recipe with French name. Do you want to learn how to prepare vanilla soufflé with chocolate cream ? Then keep reading this article! Vanilla soufflé recipe with chocolate cream A sweet soufflé is lighter than a salty one, but the general idea is the same. They are prepared with a cream base of a specific flavor and the egg whites are added to snow.

How to make coconut colors

The grated coconut is very rich and can be used for all kinds of desserts, but if in addition to using it in its usual color (white) we add dye ... It is much more fun! Learn how to make colorful coconut in the following article. You can offer your sweet preparations with a different touch. Perfect for a birthday party! How to make coconut colors? A small detail sometimes makes the difference between a good result and a really wonderful one. The latter is what you get if you

Classic chocolate sponge cake

The recipe for chocolate cake is a classic among the classics for any pastry lover. It is a very sweet treat to always have at home and take in breakfast, snack or dinner with a glass of milk, because it is 100% natural and does not provide saturated fat or chemicals. We teach you 2 different recipes of the classic chocolate sponge cake . Chocolate sponge cake recipe for beginners This is a very simple cake to make because all the measurements are made with a glass. It is the typical

Orange foot

The orange pie , along with the apple variation, is one of the best-known desserts around the world. Citrus options are very much desired by those who prefer strong and marked flavors, so we'll show you how to make it easy and simple. Ingredients For the mass 300 g of loose flour 70 g of butter 1 egg 25 g of sugar 15 g of yeast 10 g spoonful of salt For the filling 150 g of

Cherry cheesecake without oven

Do you like cheesecakes that are easy to make and without an oven? Do you love the taste of cherries? Well here you have two simple recipes, one with cherries as an adornment and Philadelphia type cheese ... another with quark cheese and cherries inside. What cherry cheesecake do you like the most? Cherry cheesecake without oven with Philadelphia type cheese Ingredients: For the base: 200 g of cookies (the ones you like the most) 50 g butter to the point of ointment