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Make some delicious quesadillas with pear and blue cheese

With respect to the appetizers, it seems that everything has already been invented. It seems complicated to get a recipe that combines simplicity without sacrificing flavor. Well, for this there is an answer: quesadillas with pear and blue cheese. Yes, as you read. A dish that is extremely easy to make and that does not lack flavor or taste on the palate . Moreover, as an entrance serves precisely to make the meetings at home more fun and enjoyable. That way you'll be like a star host. And the

Low fat mayonnaise alternatives

Mayonnaise is the dressing par excellence throughout the world. It is used for hundreds of preparations and recipes. The truth is that it can bring some health problems, due to the amount of fat it has (for the egg). It is not necessary to be vegan to prepare these "alternative" mayonnaises, but if you want to take care of our body of cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and oiliness in the skin. Read the following article where you will learn natural recipes for this dressing. Mayonnaise without egg recipe One

Recipe of potatoes au gratin with cheese

The recipe for potatoes gratinated with cheese is, in itself, a pleasure for those lovers of cheese. Therefore, it is intuited that the secret lies in the combinations of the various types together with other dairy products such as milk, cream and butter. And the best thing is that we can adapt it to whatever we want; For example, if we want to obtain an intense flavor, we will include strong flavored cheeses. We must also bear in mind that with the potatoes gratinated with cheese, when served as garnish, what is

Learn how to prepare cauliflower with bechamel

Many people would not really include this vegetable as the main ingredient and, less, they would think of combining it with the most famous sauce of lasagna. Interestingly, today we intend to change that. Know the recipe of cauliflower with bechamel and let yourself be surprised a little. Yes, it is understandable. Surely it is quite rare to try to reconcile two things as diametrically opposed as are the elements "cauliflower" and "bechamel", but do not go ahead. As we always say in Better with Health, in gastronomy, what prevails is innovation,

Potatoes in chipotle cream and bacon, discover your recipe

With the following recipe we show you how to prepare a delicious potato dish in chipotle cream and bacon. This dish will allow us to prepare a great dish, with a very simple preparation and a more than interesting result. Recipe for chips in chipotle cream and bacon To prepare these delicious potatoes with chipotle cream we will need the following ingredients: 5 medium potatoes 2 tablespoons of butter (40 g) 1 cup of cooking cream (250 ml) ½ cup of bacon (150 g)

3 recipes of homemade granola with nuts

Homemade granola has become synonymous with healthy breakfasts. It provides the energy and vitality required to perform day-to-day tasks, as well as providing a long and lasting feeling of fullness. It will always be preferable to prepare this nutritious food at home . While packaged presentations abound in the market, most are not very healthy. Among other reasons, because during its preparation high amounts of conventional oils or large amounts of . Positive values   The ingredients of this preparation offer us many nutrients, very beneficial for our body:

Prepare a rich souffle of ham and cheese

The soufflé of ham and cheese is a typical preparation of French cuisine whose main ingredients are eggs and dairy. In French the spelling would come to be soufflé , which means 'inflated' or 'blown'. In fact, this refers to the increase experienced by the dough when baked and that descends, little by little, once served. It is a meal that can be both sweet and salty , since it supports various ingredients and combinations. Thus, there are vegetables, fish, shellfish, chocolate, caramel, fruit, and so on. The following recipe contains ham

Delicious baked chicken with orange and rosemary

It is time to start a new range of preparations and expand the recipe a little. Enough of eating the same things, with little or no variation. To make your task easier, today we show you the recipe to make delicious baked chicken with orange and rosemary. In this preparation the aroma and flavor of the rosemary is impregnated with the juiciness and unique sensation in the palate of citrus coming from the orange. Everything, in conjunction with the classic and unmistakable flavor of the chicken you always consume. In addition,

Refried beans with bacon and chili

The refried beans have a consistency very similar to that of a puree. Thus, they can be spread on dry foods such as bread, nachos, flour tortillas, raw vegetable sticks, among others. Unlike charro beans, they are not left whole. It is a very versatile preparation that admits different combinations and that can work both as a side dish and as a main course. Mexicans usually enjoy them as a garnish, accompanied by rich and crunchy nachos. They are also used as a base for burritos and toast. On the

Onion marmalade recipe

The onion jam is as original as tasty, a more than perfect and delicious accompaniment to many of your dishes that you should not miss. Whether in the appetizers, to accompany meats, fish, and of course, to combine with cheese toast, this jam is a very innovative choice in your kitchen. This onion jam is sweet , it is very simple to make and will give your kitchen a touch of originality that you will love to try. And as we already know, the onion is wonderful in all its forms, healthy, beneficial and