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Alfajor Rogel

It is a sweet recipe well known in Argentina (where it has been created) and in some Latin American countries. Maybe the alfajor rogel is a bit complicated to prepare, but the result is really delicious and worth trying. How is the alfajor rogel prepared? It all began more than 4 decades ago in the city of Buenos Aires where two pastry makers took as a basis a European recipe. The name of the dessert arose because that was the name of the store where they sold their preparations. The

Hazelnut cake and chocolate drops

It can be a perfect option for a snack with friends or for when your children come back hungry from school and want to wipe out everything in their path. The cake of hazelnuts and chocolate drops is very rich ... You just have to cheer up preparing it! In this article we will show you how. Recipe of hazelnut cake and chocolate drops Do you have guests at home for tea time? Would you like your family to stop eating industrial cookies full of dyes? Then do not hesitate

Gypsy chocolate arm filled with red berries

The gypsy arm is really very rich and easy to prepare. It is delicious and allows us to let our imagination fly, both for the elements we use to fill it, and for the coverage we choose. In this opportunity we will tell you how to prepare the gypsy arm filled with red fruits chocolate. You can not lose this! Gypsy arm chocolate recipe filled with red berries The base for any type of gypsy arm is the same. You can add flavor to it so it's not vanilla (like

Garlic mushrooms

Do you have guests at home but do not have too much time to prepare a very elaborate meal? Do you die of hunger and a lot of time for lunch? In this article you will find the solution to your problem! Learn to prepare mushrooms with garlic ... a delight with all the letters. Recipe of mushrooms with garlic The same as it takes to have the plate ready is what will be on the table ... It will disappear instantly! It is very, very good. This is

Chocolate mousse

Who does not like chocolate mousse ? Raise your hand! Surely there is no one in this world who does not succumb to the temptation to eat this delight ... If you want to learn how to prepare it at home and be the best chef in the universe, do not hesitate to read this article. We will give you the recipe to make black and white chocolate mousse . To which more delicious How to prepare the traditional chocolate mousse When you continue reading you will realize that the

Ricotta cake with cookie dough

What do you prefer a cake with oven or without oven? Very elaborate or to do in just 10 minutes? Well we offer you two ricotta cake recipes with cookie dough for you to choose the one you like the most. In addition it does not take flour, it fattens less and it is apt for allergic to the gluten, great right? Ricotta cake with cookie dough without oven Ingredients: For the base: 250 g of cookies Maria or the cookies that you like 75

Italian meringue

Maybe if they ask us to make an Italian meringue we think it is very difficult or that we better buy it done. Nothing further from reality! This type of meringue is easy to prepare and it is also perfect for cakes, cakes, biscuits or any pastries that you plan to offer to your family and friends. Learn more in the next article! How is the Italian merengue prepared? It is good that you know that this type of Italian The Italian meringue can be used in various preparations

Petit fours de chocolate

Are you looking for a French idea for your desserts or to entertain your loved ones? Then you can not stop preparing these little chocolates au chocolait. Get to know the recipe for chocolate petit fours in the following article! Chocolate petit fours recipe Delicate, sweet, sophisticated ... they can be eaten in a single bite and leave a wonderful sensation in your mouth. They are really very rich and perfect to offer in a snack or for a special occasion. Do you dare to prepare petit fours de chocolate

Oreo truffles

There is no doubt that Oreo cookies are among the richest that exist. That very strong chocolate flavor that disarms in your mouth and the soft white cream are the perfect combination. It does not matter if we are not children anymore! We deserve to enjoy them! But also these cookies are part of many sweet recipes that you will love. As is the case with Oreo truffles. Try them! Oreo truffle recipe It is an idea that will please the kids (and the not so little ones)

Chocolate and banana char

La charlota is a dessert that, besides being delicious, is very romantic. Born in France where it is known as Charlotte, it is made with sponge cake and stuffed with The charlotte of chocolate and Its preparation is not difficult, however, we must put a lot of heart in the creation of the cream with which it will be refilled, so that it has a good consistency and flavor. Thats the secret. The charlotte presumes to have been born to please royalty. Its creation is attributed to the French chef