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Recover your ex: is it possible?

Recovering your ex is an idea that arises in most people who end a relationship . But it is not always a sincere desire, since in some cases it is simply a matter of pride or need to calm the pain.

If they are convinced of wanting to return and rearm the couple, the important thing is not to despair or overwhelm the ex with insistence . It must take time for the calming waters to be able to value what they have lost.

Errors in which you do not have to fall if you want to recover your ex

1. Provoke ‘casual’ encounters all the time

It is very common, but fatal to the relationship , to have attitudes that provoke some contact when the break is recent. Childish calls that pretend to be a mistake, are very obvious. Walk through the same places where the ex is in order to see it, as if by chance.

Find out with friends who share every step you take, if you leave, if you have new groups … all facts that before your eyes will be seen as a persecution.

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2. Threats or dramatic information taken from soap operas

Some people during the break are convinced that they must recover their ex at any cost . They consider that nothing makes sense if they are not in pairs and capable of resorting to the worst ideas.

Then, they threaten a suicide or invent some kind of illness in order to return to their side, although only out of pity. In the event that they achieve the goal, it will not last long.

3. Using children as a tool to get them back

It seems crazy, but many parents use their children to generate a need for the couple to go home. They are prevented from seeing them, visiting their grandparents or manipulating them with phrases such as “your children suffer all the time because of your absence “.

To rebuild the relationship you have to change those behaviors that really led to wear. There is no chance of it being a successful return if they do it out of obligation . No one can be happy in such a dysfunctional family.

Recover your ex: is it possible?

Tips that can help you recover your ex

1. Analyze calmly the reasons for the break

Take advantage of loneliness to analyze the weaknesses and strengths of that relationship that broke, helps understand. But, it is impossible that this happens when they are with anxiety to the surface. Calmness is the basis .

Identifying, with total sincerity, the reasons that caused the separation , is what allows us to know what are the things that must be changed. Well, if you want to recover your ex, each one will have to dedicate their greatest effort and put aside certain behaviors.

2. Give it your time to be surprised

Everyone should have their space to think, evaluate their feelings and plan their best method to overcome this situation. So, you do not have to call him, comment on his profile of social networks or invite him to any family event. It is about disappearing for a few days of your life completely.

That absence is necessary so that you can taste the nostalgia of certain lived moments, miss the positive side of the couple . And surely, rediscover their desires, fears and desires.

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3. You need to change, but not become someone else

This aspect is truly relevant if you want to recover your ex definitely. It is necessary to modify those behaviors that were discovered as malicious for the couple . For example, excessive jealousy, emotional dependence, bad mood and others.

But change does not mean trying to become a person who has nothing to do with its essence . If she appears from one day to the next as a fatal woman or a strong advocate of liberation, when it never was, no one will believe her. It is very possible that they believe that they are going crazy and move further away.

Recover your ex: is it possible?

4. Give yourself the value you really have and make an effort for yourself

Beyond waiting for the precise moment when the former sounds that phone or appears through that door, you have to put your self-esteem above all else . Not surrendering to his arms on the first occasion is key. In short, everyone is attracted to people who are sure of themselves.

That also wait and manage to give your partner the value you really have. Otherwise, there is a risk that you manage the times of the relationship at your whim, you know you will always be waiting for it.

Attention: it is not about rejecting, but about postponing the meeting. If love exists and both fight for a healthy couple, you can surely recover your ex with these tips.

Recover your ex: is it possible?