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Make and decorate your own pencil holders

Do you have many pencils and do not know how to order them? Then you should find a good pencil holder as soon as possible. Therefore, we will show you how you can make your own models at home from different containers and materials that, surely, you did not imagine how much use they could have. Surely you have seen that, in many shops, pencil holders are made from very simple objects and that, to obtain a wide margin of profit, they are sold quite expensive. To save you the expense, it is

How to recycle a cupboard with paint and wallpaper?

If you are interested in the idea of ​​giving a new look to your kitchen, living room or dining room, we have an excellent idea to offer you. In just one day's work, you can recycle a cupboard with paint and wallpaper. You know how to do it? To recycle a cupboard using paint and wallpaper, you'd better remove its doors; In this way, the background will be visible and you can apply the different decoration techniques on it. If you choose to leave them, you can work on them to change

4 ways to make houses for your pet with recycled materials

Recycling has come to stay and increasingly offers more and better possibilities for different parts of the house. Even dogs and cats benefit from these innovative proposals! We tell you some practical ways to make houses for your pet with recycled materials. Especially in times of cold and heat, it is great that pets have their own space to spend the night or just to take a nap during the day . Houses, in many countries called 'scoops', serve to protect your pet from soil moisture and weather conditions if they sleep outdoors.

Beautiful lamps made with recyclable materials

Lighting is a very important part in the decoration of environments and spaces of all kinds (interior, exterior and mixed). You can make beautiful lamps with recyclable materials. Here we will show you how to transform a material that is in disuse into a useful object (like a beautiful lamp) and tasteful. Make your own lamps will help you adapt these objects, completely to your liking, so you can let your creativity and ingenuity fly. We guarantee satisfactory results. Go ahead and try! 1. Lamps made with cans

5 different ways to recycle tires

Recycling tires is a good option to take advantage of these objects and give them a new utility. It is also the perfect excuse to clean the storeroom a little and take advantage of the space to store other things. The rubbers or tires that are damaged or simply worn, for the most part, are thrown directly into the trash. But the fact that they do not serve to fulfill their original function does not mean that they stop serving for other issues. Have you ever thought what could you do with

5 uses you can give to recycled cans

The recycled cans offer us a base on which to carry out various creative projects. In this sense, it should be remembered that the recycling of objects has been a global trend that is becoming stronger every day. This important practice, in addition to generating benefits to the planet, also offers you the opportunity to save you a considerable amount of money in decorations and and carry out projects of wonderful and highly inspiring crafts. The needs along with the ingenuity make us see some objects discarded or stowed as

10 ideas to make your own jewelers with reusable materials

Jewelers with reusable materials are crafts that can be used to give order to jewelry accessories that you use daily. While you can buy one of those sold in the market, this option is perfect to follow the trend of recycling. The most interesting thing is that you can make them with many materials that seem to have no use. In addition, you can test your creativity to add custom designs or turn them into the perfect complement to decorate your dresser. Would you like to know how they are made?

Make your own gift bags for special occasions

Gift bags are an important part of presenting a gift. In general, you usually look for a bag that is beautiful, eye-catching and that is appropriate to the occasion. For example, if it is a birthday, we will look for more colorful and cheerful designs. While, for a first communion, we will look for pastel designs, more subtle and with few details. While it is true that we can buy bags in any establishment, sometimes, it is much more significant that we make our own gift bags. After all, this is a

2 ingenious ideas for reusing old magazines

If you accumulate many old magazines and you do not know what to do with them, read these great ideas to reuse them and give them a new use. You can get beautiful accessories from disused materials and thus help reduce the large amount of garbage we generate. We propose two ideas, one simpler and the other a little more complex. Find a time that you have free and to work! Frame for portraits made with old magazines If you have a large picture frame and want to make it

Recycling old jeans: the best 10 ideas

There are several interesting crafts to recycle old jeans when they go out of style or stop serving us. Although we have the option of giving them to someone who wants to use them, we can also follow the trend of making new projects to take advantage of their canvas. As we already know, this type of garments are made of long-lasting materials that often remain in good condition despite the passage of time. Therefore, before considering the idea of ​​throwing them, it is good to know what alternative uses can be given to