Hypercholesterolemia or high cholesterol is a cardiovascular problem that is characterized by the excessive accumulation of lipids in the arteries .

It is one of the conditions cataloged as “silent killer”, since it does not usually manifest itself forcefully and, over time, generates significant damage to the body.

Its appearance can be due to poor liver function , but also due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

The most worrisome is that the number of affected continues to increase and, despite the warnings, many downplay their development.

For this reason, it is essential to improve and, as a complement, consume some remedies of natural origin that help regulate it .

On this occasion we want to share an old preparation of honey, garlic and lemon, known for its antioxidant, depurative and anti-inflammatory power.

Discover it!

Natural remedy of honey, garlic and lemon to fight cholesterol

Reduce your cholesterol levels with this ancient honey, garlic and lemon remedy

The natural remedy for honey, garlic and lemon is an old preparation that, due to its concentration of properties, continues to be effective as an alternative to reduce high cholesterol levels .

These ingredients have antioxidant properties that, after being assimilated, promote the elimination of the

Allicin, a sulfur- containing compound in garlic, has a vasodilator and diuretic effect that facilitate the reduction of this problem.

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In turn, it acts as an anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant, which decreases high blood pressure and circulatory difficulties.

Reduce your cholesterol levels with this ancient honey, garlic and lemon remedy

Together with honey and lemon, its antibiotic and antifungal properties are enhanced, which are adequate to strengthen the immune system.

These properties regulate the pH of the blood and, by the way, reduce the risk of suffering from chronic diseases.

The most interesting thing is that it has benefits over other body systems , since it has a large amount of vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Among this it is worth noting that:

  • It protects the heart and the brain.
  • It decreases the risk of .
  • Prevents hypertension
  • Reduces liver difficulties.
  • It feeds the bacterial flora of the intestine.
  • Prevents viral and bacterial infections.
  • Improve oral health
  • It reduces the pain in the joints.
  • It keeps the body and mind active.
  • Prevents premature aging.

How to prepare this natural remedy to reduce cholesterol?

Reduce your cholesterol levels with this ancient honey, garlic and lemon remedy

The preparation of this simple remedy against cholesterol is very simple and will not take much time.

In fact, you can prepare a good amount so you do not have to do it every day.

Just make sure you get 100% organic ingredients to make sure they are effective.

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  • 10 cloves of raw garlic
  • ½ cup of organic honey (150 g)
  • The juice of 2 lemons


  • Glass jar
  • Wooden utensil


Mode of use

  • To lower high cholesterol, eat a spoonful of remedy on an empty stomach .
  • If you like, mix it with half a cup of warm water to facilitate its consumption.
  • Preferably repeat the dose before each main meal .
  • If you are taking medication, consult your doctor before taking this natural supplement.
  • Although there are usually no adverse reactions, it should not be consumed excessively.
  • Seal the bottle well after each use and consume it every day.
  • If you do not have high cholesterol, you can consume this preparation as an aid to keep your defenses active.
  • In the latter case, consume only one spoonful on an empty stomach.

Ready to try it? If you feel that your cholesterol levels are high, or you have already received the diagnosis of this problem, go ahead and elaborate this home remedy and benefit from its properties.

Although its effects do not usually occur immediately, day by day you will begin to feel healthier.

Of course, try to supplement your intake with a healthy diet and good lifestyle habits .

It will be useless to take this product if they continue to maintain the that influence the accumulation of this lipid.

Reduce your cholesterol levels with this ancient honey, garlic and lemon remedy


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