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Why we do not break when the relationship no longer works

When everything indicates that the union as a couple reached its end, ending is the only decision that seems logical and correct. So why do not we break up when the relationship no longer works? What makes us keep clinging to something that has no solution? You have tried everything, but nothing is the same and it never seems to be again. However, you are still there. Many times we are unable to make the complicated decision to officially end a relationship that is already finished. Especially when it has been

The fear of abandonment: what to do if we fear that our partner leaves us

Did you know that one of the reasons why we do not express our feelings or thoughts is because of the fear of abandonment? We do not even dare to speak of something that can annoy the other, so that it does not occur to him to go away and leave us alone. This fear can be linked to a traumatic situation of our childhood or adolescence, or to having been abandoned by a former partner. In any case it is very important to work on it to be able to feel liberated and

Are you getting the perfume right?

We love to perfume ourselves, whether before an appointment, when we go to work, to encourage a night of pleasure or to feel good about ourselves. If you like to perfume yourself in any situation and you have several bottles that you use according to the occasion, you will be interested in knowing how to get the most out of it. Even if you consider yourself an expert in the ' eau de toilette ' or in the fragrances that are fashionable, you may not be applying the perfume very well. How is it

Is it possible to love without suffering?

There are many people who have suffered bad experiences in their emotional relationships. Couples that have reached a painful end and that now, they are plunged into a kind of skepticism at the time of falling in love again. Is it possible to love someone without suffering? We talk to you about it. 1. Affective relationships, happiness and suffering It is often said that when we fall in love, we are especially fragile. There is no greater event than being attracted to another person, than to love and

The 4 most beautiful love letters in history

The love letters are a testimony of the most romantic that may exist in history . Unfortunately with the rise of new communication technologies is a habit that has been lost. It is very difficult to find a couple who send letters or just leave notes of affection. It all comes down to messages on a cell phone or a publication in some application. But, the truth is that when we meet these memories, we all get excited from the deepest. What are love letters? The love letters are

My partner does not trust me

Trust is one of the fundamental pillars on which a healthy relationship is based. Without it one lives in a constant uncertainty that does not let the relationship grow. What to do when the thought arises "my partner does not trust me"? Mistrust can easily occur and become the worst enemy if allowed to settle in our relationship because it limits the path to a united, happy and lasting life. When in a bond one of the two mistrusts, instability enters and it is time to reflect on how much guilt one has

Is it possible to find the love of your life in Tinder?

Find the love of your life in Tinder: a goal a bit difficult but increasingly frequent . While a large number of people use these social applications to meet other people, love goes further. As in bars or offices, in Tinder there are those who only want adventures and who are looking for a partner. For this reason you have to have defined what you are looking for and know how to look in the profiles. There are always signs to discover the users that can best congenialize. Meet the frequent

How to fight with the infatuation of students to their teachers

There are many platonic or unrequited loves, and above all they are typical of adolescence. As parents, it is normal for us to worry that our children may have feelings for someone much older than them. The infatuation of students with their teachers is much more common than is believed. Therefore, it is very important to talk with young people and make them understand that it is not about love, but about idealization. Infatuation of the students to their teachers: if there is love, is everything worth it? They have

6 differences between love and custom

Sharing for so long with a partner involves facing innumerable challenges that, in some cases, are not overcome in the best way. This can give way to monotony and cause us to begin to question ourselves as to whether what we feel is love or habit. And there are differences between love and custom. In this stage of the couple's relationship, it is common that the magic and the illusion that they felt at the beginning disappear little by little. Thus, it may be that one of the two, or even both, begins

8 types of couples: discover which one you are

Forming a union with someone to share is practically a goal for the common people. And so, different types of couples with defined characteristics appear on the scene. According to the way in which they choose to link their members or the quality that prevails can be considered one group or another. Sometimes, two people give more importance to affection and trust, others to sexual intimacy or the commitment to be together, in spite of everything. When you decide to break one relationship and start with another, it will usually be the same