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15 tricks to flirt on the beach

If you are at that stage where you want to meet new people, but you do not know how or where to start. Flirting on the beach is, by far, one of the most ideal places to do it. Simply because when we feel our bodies caressed by the Sun and relax in the water, we are more open and we are prone to build relationships. With the arrival of good weather, people feel more animated and the rise in temperatures causes desires to rise too. If we want to have a summer

3 habits of singleness that help in marriage

Starting a relationship does not mean changing completely, much less if some parts of it can be useful in your new stage. Marriage does not have to be the end of freedom. We come from a social environment and a lifestyle that we should not displace as if to marry. Know these 3 habits of singleness that help in marriage If you want a better marriage, behave as if you were single. This is a principle that every day is more pervasive in society and that allows the couple to remove the

Who triumphs most in Tinder?

Tinder is one of the most used social applications to link some "close" love or friendship. Millions of users publish their photographs and assemble their profiles in search of a soul mate . Although, to be honest, many of them are more inclined to find people for a sexual adventure. It is not a matter of uploading a photograph for the suitors to arrive immediately. Actually, there are certain tricks to get more "likes" . The more candidates, the greater the chances of finding what they are looking for. What

Adventure at work: where can you take?

An adventure at work is, in reality, much more common than you think. Hundreds of relationships are between co-workers, some known and others in hiding. But there is no uniformity in the thinking of the common people, in saying, whether it is right or not to have these relationships. In fact, some companies promote love links among its members , while others have it forbidden by contract. Similarly, love or sexual attraction understands nothing of contractual clauses imposed by third parties. Does an adventure at work have a future?

I'm shy: is there a solution?

A shy person can reverse the situation, if he so wishes, with certain exercises and changes in habits. Would you like to know how? So, keep reading this article. I'm shy: what do I do? Even if you do not believe it, you're not the only shy person in the world ... And that's wonderful! Because you can learn from those who have overcome their fears and shame. But before moving on to techniques to overcome shyness, it would be good if we talked a little about this characteristic

6 mistakes when kissing

Without a doubt, the kiss is an indispensable element and one of the fundamental secrets of a happy couple , but unfortunately it is also true that it is an art that not everyone can master. Meet 6 mistakes when kissing. Take note and try not to commit them. There are few who have experienced the bad experience of knowing someone who attracts them, but with whom they also see the magic disappear just at the moment when the fire test of the kiss arrives. They lose all interest as a result of

8 negative habits of a couple that can end the relationship

Negative couple habits are actions and behaviors that, although they seem normal, can deteriorate the relationship. They are often acquired when the union is already consolidated, because that stage of conquest ends where every last detail is taken care of. Those bad habits can start as something "harmless", without too much relevance. However, as it becomes constant, some of those involved are affected or that "spark" that held the union ends. Why is it important to identify them? When harmful behaviors are overlooked, many areas of the relationship may end up

Who has the "control" in your relationship?

There are many couples who have problems. That they do not find balance and happiness . One of the main causes is the clear feeling, of losing control. That the other person seeks their own benefit and interest. We must be careful with this idea, the most important thing in any couple relationship, is to remember that one must keep the reins of his own life. If you love that relationship, fight for it. If it makes you unhappy, take control and get away . The importance of internal

The importance of caresses in our emotional relationships

Physical contact is essential in human development. And not only that, if caresses are basic for the maturational evolution of the newborn, just as important are in our relationships as a couple, there where we strengthen the love, we reduce the stress and we strengthen ties and intimacies. We explain everything to you next. Caresses: shows affection and bond creation There is a curious study that clearly reflects the great importance of caresses for the development and growth of human beings. It was an analysis carried out throughout the 80s in

What to do to keep the family together

The family is the base of our society where each one of us grows and we are formed as people in many senses of life ; However, maintaining family ties strong and united is a somewhat complicated task where commitment, respect and love play a very important role. At present, many things seem to be more important than the family and over time we realize that the values ​​are being lost and the family union is disappearing completely . The different world trends, Considering that the family is the most important