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Can I call him first?

I wait for him to call me or can I call him first? Will I remain as desperate if I make contact? If he does not communicate, is it because he is not interested? The questions are crowded in our mind and there is no place at all. We solve the doubts in this article! Does he call or I call? This question is as existential as the "to be or not to be" of Hamlet. It puts us in a very distressing situation! Because on the one

My boyfriend and I are very different: can this relationship work?

When they ask about a boyfriend and the first answer that arises is: "we are very different", many do not miss. In fact, there are many very opposite people who have excellent coexistence . It is also true that many others end badly or stay in the attempt. Today we will see certain conditions that must be met so that these courtships work despite the differences. "We are very different", but I do not want to lose it Opposite personalities tend to attract each other easily and are convinced that

3 tips that we recommend you to follow if your boyfriend is manipulator

When a boyfriend is manipulative, he will do everything in his power to make his partner behave the way he wants. It will subject her to the point of damaging her self-esteem and her confidence. It is very important to realize that manipulation in time, before it is such that the person can not make any decision on their own. It can be complicated, but not impossible. In this article we give you some recommendations. 1. Identify if your boyfriend is manipulative It is undoubtedly the first step, and

Their love stories are a true example

There are love stories that are worthy of being known and serve as an example for many people. Some have had happy endings, others not so much ; but the important thing is the teaching that they leave. Sometimes it is believed that these types of relationships are seen only in movies, however there are thousands of testimonies in the world . They were at the time, a unique experience for two hearts. Today they remain as anecdotes to tell in families and surprise the little ones. Stories of love

Why do not I have a partner?

The phrase "I do not have a partner" is often heard in different environments. It is common that in all groups there is a person who can not find his partner. And it is not a personal choice , but rather, a singleness that is lived as an obligation. Young people, adults, men and women from all over the world go through this experience. And in some cases, they even convince themselves that it will be like this forever , which seriously affects their self-esteem. Most common answers to the question

Impossible love: why we fall in love with someone we can never be with

Sometimes, we feel affection for people we do not owe, or that at least socially is not right, or we can fall madly in love with celebrities. Love often emerges strongly and does not respect laws, impositions, social guidelines, kinship and a host of conditions. However, despite knowing that it can not be given, we love to stumble over the same stone over and over again. Is it an impossible love? It is not only that you feel attracted to the wrong people, but that we embitter our lives chasing someone who, for

Relationships at a distance: how to survive them?

Relationships at a distance, like all others, can have a positive future. Many times fate causes certain lovers to have to keep their story thousands of miles away . Something that seems impossible for some people. However, overcoming these geographical barriers is very likely when there is true love. It is clear that it is a different courtship than the rest and that many times they feel a great emptiness. In Better with Health we tell you how to overcome this obstacle and be within successful distance relationships. The best

The perfect blind date: is it possible to have it?

A perfect blind date is easy to perform ... in movies. Well, in reality everything can happen if you do not take the necessary precautions. It is true that many people have already acquired experience in these outings, with different results. But there are others who still fear him or do not know how to plan it. We must sincerely consider passing through this experience at least once . Everything serves as learning and there is no possibility of knowing where that person is that we can love. Tips for

Mood during menstruation

What woman has not happened to be in a bad mood before the menstruation arrives? Sometimes you really want to eat sweet and you do not know why? Everything has an explanation and for these moods the answer is hormones . In this post we will talk about how hormones can affect mood during menstruation in women, discover the reason for many of your actions and feelings. The beginning of the rule Given that menstruation begins with a drop in . These days, it is best to wear comfortable

How to get out of a toxic relationship

To get out of a toxic relationship it is important to learn to identify those harmful behaviors that undermine well-being. While it is true that all couples go through times of crisis, there are situations that definitely should not be tolerated. The problem is that putting an end point is not always easy, because there are many feelings involved that, in fact, are sometimes manipulated. In addition, idealizing the other person makes them believe that their behaviors are normal or that they can change. But far from reality, maintaining this type of