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Famous couples with age difference: how did their stories end?

There are famous couples with age differences, quite broad, who have been news in the best covers of entertainment magazines. Seeing them, many wonder: will it be a genuine relationship ? Will they be able to overcome the age differences? Others, with more prejudices, tend to think that they are relationships based on some type of interest , be it economic or professional. But the truth is that they exist, in the same way that they occur in the common people, although their stories are not so transcendent. These are the

I'm afraid of falling in love

Maybe you have had a bad experience in the past, or someone very close to you has suffered a lot for love. It is normal to feel fear before a feeling that for everyone else is beautiful. The fear of falling in love is more frequent than you think, but you can reverse it if you take into account some advice. Why am I afraid to fall in love? There are clear signs that tell us when we are afraid to fall in love. Identify them, perhaps, they can serve us

5 virtues that every love relationship should have

Maintaining a stable, healthy and happy relationship is a treasure to which we all aspire. There is no magic recipe that can guarantee us to achieve it, but we must know that there are some basic pillars to which we should all aspire. We show them to you next. 1. Giving and receiving, without demanding Sometimes, we fall into the error of giving absolutely everything for the other person. Without expecting anything in return. We must be careful with this, since sometimes the balance is very unbalanced and

Platonic love: know everything about this concept

A movie star, the singer of the radio success theme, an attentive doctor or simply the new teacher of classes ... all, at some point in our lives, we have fallen madly in love with someone impossible, but at the same time perfect. Platonic love: know everything about this concept. Platonic love is called that which is unattainable and idealized. To that person that makes us feel a lovely and special emotion, but that, despite having no defects, will never be for us. It refers to the love that, for various reasons,

7 most romantic couples of American cinema

Throughout history, there have been many scenes and movies that we have loved ... Whether because of the plot, the characters or because we have identified with something in particular. If you were asked: What are the most romantic couples in American cinema? Surely you would answer without hesitation a minute. Then we will tell you which are the most remembered and known all over the world. The most romantic couples of cinema They have made us cry , sigh and laugh ... They have said phrases that we then

3 teachings for life about love

Love is defined as a feeling of great intensity that all human beings are capable of experiencing throughout their lives. The concept has been analyzed in depth over the centuries, by various scholars and thinkers, according to different points of view; nevertheless, the truth is that it is something both extraordinary and fascinating. Currently, one of the main premises about love lies in the fact that in order to give love to others, we must first love ourselves. Nowadays it is considered that, from this point, every person can establish healthy and true

How many years of difference with my partner are well?

The years of difference in the couple have been the subject of discussion for many years. In different cultures, antagonistic conceptions about age have been presented. However, it could be ensured that there are fewer possibilities of separation with a certain age group. There is no talk of a universal law or a single rule to determine the happiness of a couple. Simply, they are characteristics that allow to visualize lower risks . It is important to clarify that there are also exceptions and there are lasting and successful relationships many years