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Remedies for treating low back pain

Low back pain is after the cold, one of the conditions that most affect people regardless of their age or sex.

And it can appear both because of bad posture when sleeping, because of exerting a lot of weight on the back , or the mere passage of time causes the tendons and muscles of the area to suffer.

The symptoms of low back pain can occur in many ways . It can appear in both tingling, dull and sharp pain, and can also affect other areas in the form of weakness in the legs or feet . Do you suffer from these conditions? Then we will give you a series of tips for you to put an end to low back pain. You will see how you will feel much better.

Steps to follow to get rid of low back pain

  • Suspend physical activity. It may seem silly, but if you move a lot, as is obvious your back will be resentful. For this reason, it is important that you take a break when you get home, and especially when you go to sleep at night. So when you are in bed, lie down in a fetal position, and with a pillow or towel rolled between your legs. In this way you will alleviate part of the pressure in this part.
  • Apply cold-heat effects. This way you can relieve the pain a little momentarily. First use ice during the first 48-72h as a placebo. After this, you can start using heat to create a different effect and also relax the area. So take a bag of water, fill it with hot water and finally go to the sofa / bed with a comfortable posture for the back. So spend all afternoon and you will see how after a few hours you feel much better.
  • Take mild pain relievers This will help you to alleviate the area in the short-medium term. There are many medications of this type such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. If you have doubts about which one may be better, consult your nearest doctor or pharmacist. Surely this will give with the key.
  • Rehabilitation from home. If you can not afford a physio, there are a series of exercises that you can do directly in your room. Start this routine after having been 2 weeks of some rest because if you can not relapse again. Among these activities you can walk slowly, or cycle through an exercise bike. In short, everything is for you to recover a bit of mobility in the area.

By way of conclusion, it must be said that low back pain can be very annoying that if it is not taken care of / treated well, it can leave long-term consequences. For this reason, from here we recommend that you follow the letter below to the letter so that it hurts less. You will see how your back will thank you!

Remedies for treating low back pain