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Remedy with propolis, peeling lemon and honey against colds

Colds are inflammations of the mucosa of the respiratory system , especially in the areas of the throat and nose, because of a virus, bacteria or allergy.

They are characterized by an increase in mucus, cough, fever and muscle aches.

In this article we present you a powerful natural remedy based on propolis, peeling lemon and honey to fight colds effectively and without side effects.

Avoid colds during these holidays

Remedy with propolis, peeling lemon and honey against colds

In times of excess we are more prone to suffer from colds and other health problems, since food is essential to keep us with high

It also happens that many people relax on vacation days and, if they have suffered a time of stress, this is the time when the organism is vulnerable to any pathogen.

For this reason we must have at hand natural remedies that help us fight and even prevent any disorder.

The colds are one of the most common affections and, although they usually overcome without problems, can prevent us from enjoying the days off.

Discover the three ingredients you must have on hand at any time: propolis, lemon and honey.

We tell you how to take them to enhance all their healing virtues.

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Discover what are the medicinal properties of the three ingredients of this remedy.


Propolis is one of the most effective natural antibiotics we can take, without the risk of suffering any side effects, for example, on the intestinal flora.

Since ancient times the healing virtues of this natural extract, which the ancient Egyptians used to embalm and which also serves to heal wounds, promote healing and soothe pain, are known.

Peeling lemon

Remedy with propolis, peeling lemon and honey against colds

Lemon is a very powerful citrus fruit to maintain health and prevent many diseases.

It is a great antioxidant that, despite being acid, has the property of alkalizing our body , which helps us stay healthy.

The lemon is one of the best remedies to prevent and treat colds, combined with infusions, broths and other supplements, thanks to its purifying and revitalizing virtues.

It should be noted, in addition, that the of the lemon has many more healing, aromatic and nutritive properties than the pulp , so it will be very suitable for any medicinal remedy.

Honey bee

, besides being a much healthier sweetener than white sugar, is also a very nutritious food rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes .

Thanks to these nutritional values, honey is a powerful antioxidant with antiseptic and bactericidal properties , very suitable to combat and prevent any type of infection.

We recommend always choosing quality honey.

If possible, we will choose one that is hardened, to make sure that it has not been subjected to high temperatures , which would detract properties.

We can heat it to the water bath to make it liquid.

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Remedy with propolis, peeling lemon and honey against colds  A home remedy


To prepare this remedy we will need the following ingredients:

  • 3 teaspoons of propolis extract (15 g)
  • Peeling an organic lemon
  • 3 tablespoons of honey (75 g)
  • A glass of water (200 ml)

We recommend that the lemon be organic, since, otherwise, they usually carry waxes and pesticides that can be harmful to health if we consume the peeling.


We will prepare this remedy in the following way:

How do we take it?

We will take this remedy against colds in the following ways:

  • To prevent and as maintenance: One tablespoon in fasting.
  • To cure the cold: Three tablespoons a day, one before each main meal.

As we notice improvement we can reduce the tablespoons to the maintenance dose.

Remedy with propolis, peeling lemon and honey against colds