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Respect towards yourself: that's how happiness begins

To have a happy life it is important to know each other well and have your own love but … what else does it imply? The answer is very simple: respect towards yourself. However, this is not always easy to develop today.

There are many variables that can self-sabotage and it is important to know how to open a path between them in order to be accepted and respected.

This implies that it is not only to appreciate our efforts but also to know how to discern, beyond difficulties, what really benefits us and what does not. In other words, respect also includes knowing how to care for and take advantage of our potential.

Many people get lost in this way. It is something very common and, at all, condemnable. In fact, through adversity many people have managed to rediscover themselves and value themselves positively in front of the mirror, without falling into self-deprecation.

Why is respect for yourself necessary ?

Respect towards yourself: that's how happiness begins

The lack of trust, security, love and respect has consequences for people. Likewise, a bad concept of respect for yourself can be harmful.

Respect towards yourself has nothing to do with arrogance, narcissism or self-centeredness. On the contrary, it refers to the state of physical balance and metal that invites us to seek our own happiness. And the best thing about this is that it spreads.

A person who feels love and respect towards herself promotes a healthy environment in which other people have the opportunity to inspire themselves to grow.

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What happens if you do not love or respect yourself?

Life consists of learning to live with oneself, to love oneself, to be esteemed and respected. The fact of sacrificing these values ​​ends up making the path of life almost intolerable, enduring and sustaining situations without really appreciating them.

For in the same measure in which love and consideration for oneself are lost , people end up leaving aside their needs and emotions to live day to day with problems , and without any grace.

Signs that show lack of respect and self-esteem:

  • Symptoms of inferiority.
  • Emotional dependence to other people.
  • Insecurity when doing any activity.
  • Difficulty to refuse in situations that hurt him.
  • Distrust of yourself and the people around you.
  • She usually compares herself to people who have greater abilities.

For these small and strong reasons it has become very necessary to work on self-esteem and respect for yourself, thus seeking an awareness of reality and, therefore, self-love.

Although the fact of having spent so much time without knowing what love and self- everything has a solution.

By following the keys we provide below, with perseverance and dedication, you will be able to get it. Cheer up!

Keys to respect yourself

Learn from mistakes

Respect towards yourself: that's how happiness begins

One of the healthiest points for anyone is to learn from mistakes and even laugh at them ; nothing is gained by trying to face life by blaming oneself for failing.

It is not time to demand more than you can give or grieve for not having done as planned, to err is human and this reminds us that we are able to improve, always.

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Accept every virtue and weakness

It is important to accept virtues and weaknesses, to be filled with everything that is done right or wrong; in this way there will be the possibility of seeing oneself as one is.

Listen to yourself

Respect towards yourself: that's how happiness begins

In such a noisy world you have to take the time to listen to yourself; and become aware of every word and action we do and say every day.

Although at first it can become extremely difficult, when you learn to listen, doors open that facilitate things like self-description, respect and self-love.

Differentiate between selfishness and love

There are a lot of differences between selfish people and those who have love for themselves . While selfishness is wanting and wanting everything for oneself, self-love consists of knowing what is required to be happy, without altering the lives of others.

Once you find self-love, you will also find the balance and emotional health that is so badly needed.

Self valued

Respect towards yourself: that's how happiness begins

Each person is a unique and unique planet that is full of individualities and possibilities to offer to the outside world. It is important to value all the things you have to offer, being understanding and patient with yourself; the key is to know how to get the best out of ourselves .

Respect towards yourself: that's how happiness begins