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Restores intestinal flora naturally

Symptoms such as fatigue and feeling of exhaustion are just some of the effects of bad intestinal health. Other slightly more harmful effects are diarrhea, to reduce and eliminate these annoying symptoms (regardless of the origin thereof).

Restores intestinal flora

Certain herbs such as goldenseal and A diet based on too-fermented, under-cooked foods is a determining factor for poor intestinal health. In contrast, fermented foods provide

Someone may ask the question, why does nature favor the development of these harmful organisms? The answer is very simple, it is a matter of numbers. These organisms are present in nature because they propitiate and benefit other kinds of life different from ours. But the human body has more good bacteria than bad, in a proportion of 100 to 1 more or less, which in normal and healthy conditions, frees us from any danger, because this bacterial flora is the first barrier of our system immunological

To intestinal It is recommended to make raw milk because it develops strains strong enough to reproduce while fighting against unwanted bacteria.

Balance the pH of the body

Restores intestinal flora naturally

The goal is to keep the body at a neutral pH, because too alkaline or too acidic, will create an environment conducive to some harmful fungi. The accumulation of acid can also cause pain in joints, in the head, inflammation and other discomforts.

Balancing the pH can eliminate or reduce many health problems and it is very easy to do so, just take:

· 1 teaspoon of or fresh lemon juice diluted in 350 ml of water.

· 1 teaspoon of barley powder diluted in 350 ml of water.

You can add more water in case the taste is too strong. Very useful pH test strips are available at the pharmacy to determine if the balance is correct. Restores the intestinal flora, balances the pH and leads a balanced diet.

A healthy diet as a basis for intestinal health

Our intestine and its health depend basically on the food we eat. When we eat enough natural products like fruits, vegetables, natural

Restores intestinal flora naturally