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How to deal with a separation

It is always difficult to overcome a breakup, no matter how long you were with that person. It is very important to 'take action on the matter' and as soon as the mourning stage is over, you commit yourself to succeed. In this article we will tell you how to deal with a separation in the best possible way. Keys to face a separation Going through a divorce or a breakup is one of the most difficult moments of our life. Although for some people it is a certain 'relief' to

What should I do if I think my marriage is over?

Is the communication the same? Is there any passion? there's love? Probably you make a trip in time and do not see your partner with you in the family photos and everything leads to a bigger rant: what should I do if I think my marriage is over? Or you may have already been months of a series of changes and today you have sat to think that the illusion, the fire and love, have given way to boredom, indifference and sadness in your relationship. Relationships do not have to be

End a marriage

The illusion with which you married no longer exists, the love is over, there is no respect, perhaps I do not want to or maybe there is a third person. There are many causes for ending a marriage and in this article we will talk about it. If you have already reasoned well the pros and cons, and decided to terminate your marriage relationship is likely to invade the sadness and the sense of failure, but you must move forward. Fear, insecurity or worry should not limit you to overcoming this circumstance of

Tips for dealing with a marriage separation

First, you must understand that overcoming is a grieving process, you will need a lot of time, patience and above all optimism and a positive mind. You should also think that a separation is not synonymous with loss, failure or disappointment , it is simply the end of a stage of your life as well as others that you have gone through previously. To prevent this from happening, we want to give you some recommendations so that you can go through this stage in a positive way and of course with maturity. Do

8 phases of the rupture

When we finish a relationship we go through different stages, some more notorious or lasting than others. Everything will depend on how long we want to stay in them or what we do to overcome the situation. In the following article we will tell you what are the phases of the break, to know where we are and the way we still have to go. The phases of the break that we all go through Overcoming a lack of love is not an easy task; We can have good days

When is it better to end the relationship? Discover 6 signs

When we start a relationship, expectations paint us a future full of love and happiness. However, as time passes, we realize that things are far from what we once thought. At what time is it better to end the relationship? Although it is normal for cohabitation as a couple to change at each stage, there are some signs that indicate that it is better to put an end to it. The feeling of having empty, the constant discussions and the doubts towards the other are reasons to consider that decision. The

Children in separation, how to explain it?

Currently, many couples decide to separate or divorce, whatever the reason. But if there are children, it is necessary to act cautiously so that they are as little affected as possible. Parents often underestimate their children , when presenting a difficult situation like this, which involves so many changes. They are often surprised by the maturity that children sometimes show. But it can also be the exit door of an unsustainable coexistence, both for the couple and their children. How to tell the children? The children may not understand

7 benefits that a break brings

The couple ends and in that moment you can feel that nothing makes sense anymore. But, of course, it's just a sensation; In a short time they will be able to see the benefits that a rupture brings and the rest will be anecdotal. Surely it is not a fact that is seen as positive and happy in the first instance. As the days go by, tempers begin to calm down and then, you can have another perspective of reality. Do not despair is the key and then, you could even appreciate

How to face divorce

There is no single way to deal with divorce, it is a decision that causes many effects both individual and family. While for some the change of civil status is a relief, for others it supposes a prolonged emotional imbalance. Ending the marriage brings a sudden change in the pace of life and requires a "reorganization", regardless of whether there are children involved or not. In addition, it is accompanied by crises of anxiety, stress and depression that further complicate the situation. However, in order not to be submerged in negative feelings

How to handle a break in social networks?

A rupture or separation of couple hits hard in the heart and in the ego of the people . As much as they do not express it, there is a time of pain they need to recover their emotional balance. That same break in social networks can make it harder to overcome that love and get the feelings calm. For this reason, we must be aware of managing the break in social networks with total respect and self-care. It is necessary, immediately, to control the instincts that lead to read each publication of