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Demonstrating a good sexual performance is one of the main objectives when having sex , but what happens when this task is harmed by psychological factors, considering that the sexual act is primarily a mental fact?

The anxiety for sexual performance is a clinical picture that is characterized by the high level of stress and anguish produced by the imminence of an intimate encounter.

The consequence is a physical and emotional blockage. A man or a woman who does not suffer from any sexual dysfunction in certain situations see themselves as presenting an examination in privacy by the counterpart or by themselves.

How is sexual performance affected by anxiety?

Self-knowledge, good communication and physical exercise will help fight the anguish regarding sex

Sexual performance: how to feel less anxiety

Sexuality is not an automatic mechanism, but a function of the human body that is impacted by everyday life, mood, work, relationship, among other aspects.

The result of experiencing anxiety about sex is that the anticipated fear is fulfilled and a dysfunction appears. Men – the most affected – may have an erectile failure or ejaculatory lack of control and women may suffer from a lack of excitement or orgasm.

On the other hand, when pictures of anxiety and stress appear in intimacy, there are usually increases in the hormones prolactin and cortisol. This, in turn, causes the inhibition or diminution of desire and, therefore, reduces sexual performance.

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Causes of anxiety

There are some aspects that can generate anxiety and influence the sexual performance of a person. Often, previous experiences are related to this type of problems, but the causes can be very varied. Identifying them will help to face this difficulty and overcome it successfully.

  • Economic problems, loss of employment , debts or conflicting relationships in the workplace.
  • Social networks can trigger conflicts in the relationship, as well as a distance in privacy.
  • Expectations too high.
  • Sometimes, the lack of affection and esteem can influence their performance in privacy , generating a vicious circle of anxiety, even reaching depression .
  • Physical disorders such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Negative emotions such as generalized dissatisfaction, stress, anger, remorse, spite and even grief or sadness, among others.
  • Social pressure is one of the most common causes of performance anxiety.
  • Inexperience can cause minor sexual dysfunctions that can lead to anxiety.
  • Shameful sexual encounters. People are very sensitive about their sexual abilities, body and more. Anything that disturbs that sensitivity can lead to uncertainty.
  • Sexual performance problems are also a side effect of some medications for anxiety.
  • There are people who are anxious about issues of their personality and, if they have never made love in the past, they often feel restless when imagining the sexual encounter.

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Sexual performance: how to feel less anxiety

What to do when anxiety affects sex

If a treatment is not performed and this situation is prolonged, it can lead to loss of sexual desire. To overcome this type of factors, there are approaches that integrate the medical, psychological and sexological aspects. There are also other recommendations that can be met.

  • Adequate prior personal knowledge.
  • Communicate what it feels like. Tell the couple before having sex.
  • Sometimes a sexual disorder is only the visible symptom of a disguised disability for the enjoyment of life. While this is not modified, sexuality will continue to be deficient.
  • Self-assessment, the evaluation of the partner and the integration of the affective and spiritual aspects.
  • The previous games help. If you remember that sexual relations go beyond penetration, you can satisfy the couple at any time.
  • Making love , not having only sex.
  • Ideally, you should meet a couple with whom you can have long-term intimacy. Thus a person may value feelings more than sexual performance.
  • Take care of the body, exercise.
  • Behavioral practices to control ejaculation, such as the masturbation method stop and follow, which can improve the ability to last longer without ejaculating. They simulate the sexual experience and train the body to react in a certain way.

Sexual function is exposed to disorders throughout life. A good communication in the intimacy, as well as the knowledge of the own sexual response and the confidence are key to prevent fears and doubts that generate the anxiety regarding the sexual performance.

Sexual performance: how to feel less anxiety

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