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Signs that this man is not for you

Many times, when we are in love, we do not pay attention to certain alarms that may jump in relation to the convenience of that person we have chosen.

It does not matter what our loved ones say, since we must realize by our own means. However, external help never hurts .

Therefore in this article we give you some signs that maybe that man is not for you.

How to know if that man is not for you?

First of all, it is essential that you be objective and try to identify if one or several of the following situations seem familiar or you have lived with your current relationship.

Maybe it’s the signs you need to realize that this man is not for you:

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1. You are interested in your money or your assets

Signs that this man is not for you

If you have a good job, a house of your own, a car or your many men can be blinded by greed .

It does not mean that this happens in all cases, but you must pay attention, for example, if you ask for money, if you want to always pay for the exits, if you try to convince you to put a property of yours in your name, etc.

2. Does not get along with your pet

Animals are wise and most of the time they “hit” when someone does not like them.

If you have taken your boyfriend home and your dog has growled or tried to bite him, the first time it may be normal because he does not know it , but pay attention if this behavior is maintained over time.

Also, take a look at how your partner treats your pet. Maybe in front of you he will be nice but when you go to the bathroom or to the kitchen he will mistreat him.

3. Does not talk about the future

Signs that this man is not for you

The couples talk about the projects together from the year of relationship, approximately.

Some may take longer and others less, but at some point these conversations arise related to the wedding, having

If it’s been a while since you left and he refuses to talk to you about these issues, it’s something that hides. Maybe you do not want to compromise or you may have another “serious” relationship and you are cheating.

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4. Does not introduce you to your family or friends

At the beginning of a relationship it is normal that the meetings are only between two but, after a certain time, it is time for “rigor presentations” to family and friends.

If he does not want to take you to Sunday lunches at his parents’ house or when he has a party he never wants you to accompany him, you will have to suspect that this man is not for you.

As in the previous case, it may be because you do not want formal relationships (and therefore do not take them seriously) or that there is already a girlfriend “presented in society.”

5. It rushes

Signs that this man is not for you

It can also be a sign about the inconvenience of your relationship.

For example, if after two weeks of leaving she tells you that you should live together, plan the next

Everything hurried can be harmful or a sign that you are facing an obsessive or a stalker.

6. You do not know their tastes

It is true that many people do not like to talk about themselves but, if the fourth date has already passed and you only know their name and little else, you should suspect .

Especially if you ask him questions like where he works, with whom he lives or what his favorite food is and he evades or changes the subject.

7. It is too distant

Signs that this man is not for you

Maybe you have suffered enough in a previous relationship or do not like close contact with people.

However, if on many occasions you act as if you were not present or do not pay attention to watch

8. Talk about your ex all the time

They have been dating for several weeks now and at each appointment, all she does is refer to her ex-partner … that she liked such a thing, that this restaurant was for her anniversary, that she never accompanied him to the movies …

On the one hand bored and on the other you should worry. If you have not yet been able to forget your previous relationship it is very complicated that you can form a new one together .

Let him live in the past and when he has really done a “clean slate” maybe you can give him a chance.

9. Wants you to change

Signs that this man is not for you

Although there is nothing written on stone and we can all improve on certain issues, the bad thing about that person is that you want to mold your taste in everything you do.

It can tell you that you cut or modify the color of your hair, that you dress as he likes, that you do not see certain

In short, that you are a completely different person . And that without doubt is a sign that this man is not for you.

Signs that this man is not for you