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Silent signs of liver cancer

The best time to discover that you have liver cancer is in the initial stage . However, this is something that can be complicated because this is a slightly furtive disease.

For this reason, the most common is that the doctor identifies it when it is already in an advanced stage of development. Unfortunately, in those moments it is harder to deal with.

You must pay special attention to your body. There are some symptoms that will alert you that there is a liver problem that you should watch out for.

, puedes evitar que esta enfermedad avance y se complique. If you know the signs and risk factors that are associated with cancer , you can prevent this disease from progressing and getting complicated.

You have less appetite than before Silent signs of liver cancer

People who have liver cancer are usually satisfied with very little food .

In fact, they are usually unable to sit down to eat a plate of well-filled food as perhaps they could before. This, in turn, makes them lose interest in food.

It is likely that you also end up having symptoms of constant heaviness even if you eat little.

involuntario , causando que tu cuerpo se desgaste y comience una transformación degenerativa que lo lleve a consumir sus propios recursos. This translates into problems of involuntary , causing your body to wear out and begin a degenerative transformation that leads to consuming your own resources.

All this causes nutritional problems that will cause liver cancer to accelerate its progress.

You experience stomach problems

It is normal for liver cancer to cause pain in the abdomen. This is especially acute in the upper right region, where the liver is located.

y el vómito, además de la hinchazón estomacal. On the other hand, this disease could also cause stomach upset and reactions such as and vomiting, in addition to stomach swelling.

These symptoms usually appear from the early stages.

Another symptom is the increase in the perimeter of the abdomen. This is caused by the presence of ascites, which is nothing more than the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity.

You are losing weight unexpectedly

Weight loss in most cases and for most people, is usually something magnificent. cuando pierdes peso sin desearlo, o cuando la pérdida ya es excesiva, debes preocuparte. However, when you lose weight without wishing, or when the loss is already excessive, you must worry.

As we have indicated before, liver cancer prevents you from eating regularly. The problem itself is not the loss of weight, but all the associated consequences.

. The worst is that you will be without .

If you let the problem advance, you may encounter more serious problems, such as anemia or some types of muscle atrophy .

Your eyes and skin turn a yellowish color

y estómago para metabolizar los nutrientes de todo lo que consumes. The function of your liver is to process, decompose and balance the blood that comes out of your and stomach to metabolize the nutrients of everything you consume.

In this way, your body can use everything you give it safely.

When affected by cancer, your liver can not do its job efficiently. los productos químicos se comienzan a acumular en tu cuerpo y te dan un aspecto amarillento. That is when the chemicals begin to accumulate in your body and give you a yellowish appearance.

This anomaly is known as jaundice and causes both your skin and the whites of your eyes to turn yellow.

Regular fatigue Silent signs of liver cancer

Do you constantly feel that you are lethargic, even when you do not perform activities that require effort ?

In this case it is important that you go to your doctor for a review, because you could be having liver problems.

As debris accumulates in the liver they can lead to poor oxygenation.

todo el tiempo. This causes your body to not work properly and you end up feeling all the time.

Your stool fades

Stools that are a bit white in color may indicate that you are having problems with bile.

This is the substance that the liver produces and gives a normal color and appearance to your stool.

tu hígado no está produciendo la bilis suficiente para que tu sistema funcione con normalidad. The lack of color in them is a clear indicator that your liver is not producing enough bile for your system to function normally.

Keep in mind that your liver is not only affected by primary cancer. They can also attack tumors from other organs of your body due to metastasis.

In fact, the risk of having liver cancer is 3 times higher when talking about metastasis, compared to primary cancer.

In the worst case, when your liver is severely affected by tumors, you may lose consciousness and increase the chances of you entering a coma.

Points to remember about liver cancer

Silent signs of liver cancer

There are some factors that can increase the chance of developing this type of cancer, such as:

The symptoms of this type of cancer will begin to be more noticeable as the tumors increase in size .

Therefore, it is important that you pay special attention to any symptoms or those that we mentioned.

We know that many people are very afraid of any suggestion of cancer. However, you should not forget that prevention is the best alternative to keep you healthy .

Be sure to tell any doctor your suspicion.

Silent signs of liver cancer