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Simple tips to achieve Longevity

When some people reach a very advanced age (say, more than 90, and up to 100 years) and they remain lucid and happy, they are usually asked what their secrets are to get to that point.

Have you noticed that most of the centenarians coincide in several points? It could be said that developing curiosity about the things that surround them and trying to learn something new every day are among the most frequent healthy habits.

Here we present some of the customs that, besides being among the practices of our elders, have been proven by scientists around the world as the keys to live longer.

Help your brain

It is not just about living longer, but about being aware that you live and enjoy it . Among the most frequent recipes (which have a scientific basis) to keep alert, is to memorize one thing daily. Neuroscientists prefer quotations from books or fragments of poems, because this exercises parts of our brain that are usually not so widely used, which, in turn, generates exchanges of information between brain cells.

Another suggestion is to try to remember the names of the people around us. This is related to the previous advice, the functions of memory and the cerebral cortex that are put into play, but it also greatly improves our relationship with people and the image they have of us.

It is duly proven that the word to which we humans react best is our own name. Using it in a conversation with people with whom we live daily will make them feel appreciated and that will be reflected in a more harmonious coexistence, basic for a better life.

Avoiding negative thoughts is another way to keep the brain functioning at its best. Specialists recommend doing anything necessary to avoid such thoughts, but one of the best and most effective is the “method of burning” the idea, and this is very graphic, but also very physical. When such a thought invades our mind, it is useful to close our eyes, imagine that the idea is written on a piece of paper and that we light it and see how it disintegrates. But if we are able to do it instead of just mentalizing it, this is even more effective.

Help your body

First of all, relax. It is very necessary to find moments in the day to enjoy, do the things you like or just relax. This will be basic to not wear down vital organs, including the brain, and keep them in tune for daily challenges. Experts also recommend sleeping less: a period of 5 hours is sufficient for the average older adult, although each organism is different and some may live at their best with a little less or a little more. What is clear is that sleeping more than 8 hours a day does not help the body and can cause the metabolism to slow down.

Exercise is also necessary, but specialists tell us that we must focus on developing strong and resilient abdominal muscles. Why? They are our center, there lies the balance, fundamental point of any physical activity. By keeping the abdominals strong, running, dancing, walking or climbing a mountain become simpler and more enjoyable activities.

To conclude, if you practice the aforementioned recommendations, you will be doing everything on your part to live the best possible way over the years and thus prevent the diseases normally derived from age. All this will help you to live not only more, but also better.

Image courtesy of Kathy Tarochione

Simple tips to achieve Longevity