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Sodas: enemies of the teeth

The soft drinks or sodas, although they are very delicious, can be quite harmful for the health of our body, they can also present many risks for the teeth, regardless of whether they have sweeteners or not.

A recent study considers this kind of drinks as bad and harmful to the health of the teeth as if they were some illegal drugs.

Why are sodas harmful?

In this opportunity we are going to help you discover why sodas and other foods that you should avoid so harmful to your teeth stay healthy for longer.

The reality is that, to avoid the frequent consumption of sodas, there are very powerful reasons that should not be overlooked , such as:

All these problems, in addition to others that are left unmentioned, are related to the excessive consumption of these beverages.

And the “Light Beverages” or without sugar?

Sodas, although not sugary, have among their components acids, such as: citric and phosphoric, which can damage the surface of the teeth , causing stains, decay and other dental problems that can reach be very serious

In recent studies that were disseminated by the specialized General Dentistry, it is assured that in some extreme cases of these drinks can have the same effect as some illegal drugs, such as cocaine, methamphetamine and crack. , in the state of health of the teeth.

A 30-year-old woman was subjected to this study, who, after drinking sodas for approximately five years, had her teeth as deteriorated as a habitual cocaine user. These damages can be caused by the acids contained in these beverages, which can vary depending on the quantities and frequency with which they are consumed. In the same way we must bear in mind that some sports drinks also contain acids and can damage the teeth in a very aggressive way.

Sodas: enemies of the teeth

Remember that dental health is paramount and a beautiful smile makes people look great. Also, because digestion begins in the mouth, so all those habits that may affect oral health must be avoided at all costs.

We must promote good habits that improve our dental health , such as brushing daily three to four times a day, using a good brush, a quality toothpaste and a dental rinse, in addition to dental floss at least twice during the day. The dentist should be visited every six months.

Sodas: enemies of the teeth