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Some very healthy foods for your breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The highest energy load of the body depends on its intake .

Some very healthy breakfast foods can have a positive impact on the day’s performance.

Eating breakfast has many associated benefits:

In addition, a breakfast with healthy foods decreases the cardiac risk. It also reduces anxiety and stress.

Creating the habit of having breakfast is the first step to a healthy life . Eating the right foods helps you eat correctly the rest of the day.

If the first meal is little or loaded with a lot of

In the case of children it is essential to have breakfast. A good breakfast is associated with greater capacity for learning and attention . In addition, it affects humor.

List of healthy foods for breakfast

  A healthy breakfast should have lots of protein, cereals and fruits. This combination helps activate the body.


Some very healthy foods for your breakfast

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Milk or dairy products

Some very healthy foods for your breakfast

  Although there is a lot of controversy for the consumption of dairy products, milk is a very suitable option for breakfast.

It is important to choose among the best digestion products: yogurt, cottage cheese or fresh cheese. Heavy dairy slows down digestion and daytime performance.

Before choosing cow’s offer a more nutritious option . They are rich in sugar, have a high content of vitamins and minerals and, in addition, are low in fat and better digested.

You can choose between almond, rice or oat milk. They can even be made at home.

Fruit smoothies are very healthy breakfast foods . They can be supplemented with oats or other whole grain. They are a good option for express breakfast.


Some very healthy foods for your breakfast

The consumption of proteins at breakfast increases the satiating sensation. In addition, the need for carbohydrates decreases.

  • A sandwich or wholemeal sandwich with a chicken breast or turkey is very healthy. It is also recommended to consume boiled or scrambled eggs .
  • Protein shakes are an option for breakfast . It is important to read the nutritional label well before consuming them, as some are rich in fats and sugars.


Some very healthy foods for your breakfast

Breakfast should include a serving of fruit equal to one cup. It can be added to the cereal, some smoothie or eaten alone.

Fruits provide the sugar the body needs to activate . Its sweet taste also helps to reduce anxiety. They are rich in vitamins and minerals.

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Other very healthy food options

  • The banana is a food rich in potassium. It’s an excellent mid-morning snack to recharge . It can also be included in the cereal.
  • Coffee is a good morning stimulant. Its adequate consumption energizes the body and accelerate the metabolism. Too much can cause insomnia or anxiety.
  • Vegetable butters are very healthy foods for breakfast. You can opt for a slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter or almonds accompanied by a serving of fruit.

Foods to avoid during breakfast

Some very healthy foods for your breakfast