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Sometimes being "weird" is the side effect of being great

The genius does not abound too much in our day to day . This is due, above all, to a certain lack of daring, not to a lack of skills or abilities.

Only someone who dares to be a bit strange, who enjoys being himself at every moment , leaving in turn the established, achieves authenticity.

We are sure that you also know someone who has his own style and very marked. Who does not mind going against the current, walking alone, deciding for himself, even if others see their choices somewhat crazy .

They are admirable people, free and brave. In fact, it is even possible that you are already. However, if you feel this need inside you and you have not yet dared, we propose to exercise change.

Dare to be all the strange that your soul needs . Dare to be great every day of your life.

Being weird in a society that strives to make us all equal

It is curious to see how we live in a time that sociologists and anthropologists have labeled as the “knowledge society”.

Technological and scientific advances have made extraordinary progress and have undoubtedly changed many of our lifestyle habits. However, human value and our relationships have not gone hand in hand with these advances.

Sometimes being "weird" is the side effect of being great

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Elements as basic as solidarity, respect or tolerance often shine by their absence .

The “different” is feared, the one who comes from another country, the one who dares to raise his voice to contradict an ideology, a power structure or a way of thinking .

We live in a reality where the way of dressing is valued more than the essence of the person. All this is explained many times by that concept that , a reputed sociologist who defines current society as “liquid societies”.

  • Most people are dominated by a kind of materialism and emotional consumerism. There is hardly time to know in depth who we have before us; quick relationships and momentary pleasure are preferred.
  • , donde guiarnos por las modas, por lo que otros deciden y que nosotros, simplemente, consumimos. The different creates strangeness and distrust because it is not normative, because it does not fit into that model of society where it is better not to leave the comfort zone , where to be guided by fashions, for what others decide and that we simply consume.

Dare to be different, to break the threads that hold you

There are many children who, to this day, sit at the end of the classrooms in silence while observing their classmates with a mixture of sadness and incomprehension.

Sometimes being "weird" is the side effect of being great
  • It is very possible that this exceptional child was labeled “weird”. Their abilities may be so remarkable that not even their professors have perceived it and think, simply, that it is vague and rebellious.
  • In our society there are also personalities that were labeled as “rare” when in reality they were or are great.

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Think of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, people who did not finish their studies and who dared to be true to their instinct despite the fact that others did not understand or criticize them.

Complex and transcendent figures that continue to be the example for many young people today.

We are all subject by many threads that move and dominate us, in some subtle but constant way:

  • The way they educated us and what, even today, our families expect from us.
  • The society itself with its fashions, with sizes that force us to have to lose weight , with its ideals of beauty and behavior that we are supposed to reach in order to succeed.
  • When one is labeled as “weird” by those around him, there is often a feeling that he does not fit in, that something may fail inside him so that others do not accept those unusual nuances that define him.

All of these are useless sources of suffering that we should not pay attention to .

Sometimes being "weird" is the side effect of being great
  • In a world of equal people, the real value is to be able to get out of the regulations to have a voice of their own.
  • Who does not accept our particularities, opinions or vital choices and emphasize those aspects with contempt does not deserve our sincere affection.
  • We will show respect to them, but it will always be better to deactivate in us the suffering that may result from their not accepting us.

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Believe it or not, whatever your madness, your strangeness or your genius, there will always be someone who shares it and who identifies with you. Because, deep down, we are all great and exceptional creatures , all we need is courage and daring.

Take the step Dare to be you every day of your life.

Sometimes being "weird" is the side effect of being great