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Spirulina: a surprising food that you probably do not know

Perhaps at first glance it is not too tempting, because it has a very peculiar and very powerful aroma. However, beyond its somewhat strange or unfamiliar aspect to ordinary people, spirulina is considered a superfood, as it is capable of providing an incredible variety of nutrients of all kinds.

Therefore, both the WHO (World Health Organization) and the UN (Organization of the United Nations) have recommended adding it to the diet as a food supplement. As if this were not enough, NASA has included spirulina in the food of their astronauts during their missions to space, which gives us an idea of ​​the high nutritional value of this natural product. Also, this healthy food is often consumed by high-competition athletes to improve their performance, as it has been proven to help reduce recovery times and strengthen defenses.

If you want to enjoy the privilege of consuming it, find below more reasons to do so.

What is spirulina?

In general, it is said that spirulina is a blue-green alga that has a spiral shape, although there are scholars who say that it is not an algae in itself, but another type of living organism. But regardless of its title, what really interests us is that spirulina contains proteins much more digestible than those of beef, for example, as well as a wide range of highly beneficial nutrients for our body.

As for its vitamin content, in spirulina we can find vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, folic acid, as well as vitamins E and H. It is also known that spirulina is the natural source richest in vitamin B12 .

Magic spirulina …

Spirulina has truly amazing effects on health and has a history of hundreds of years in human nutrition . There are even researchers who say that she was part of the menu of some American civilizations such as the Incas and the Aztecs , who appreciated it and combined it with other foods.

Did you know that spirulina is slimming?

Spirulina: a surprising food that you probably do not know

By consuming it, it immediately begins to supply its appetite- reducing effect and we feel that we remain full or, at least, without hunger for longer periods. This is because, being a food rich in various nutrients, proteins and minerals, it supplements our food needs very well and makes our body reduce the requirement to incorporate more food. Therefore, this natural product is especially recommended for people who need to lose weight.

The reduced appetite produced by spirulina makes it much easier to reduce the amount of food we eat at each meal, as well as the frequency of our intake. In this way, the process of losing weight becomes more bearable, without having to feel that hunger and anxiety sabotage our effort.

Spirulina is also very rich in iodine , a very effective component for the stimulation of the thyroid gland , accelerating the metabolism and favoring, with it, a much faster processing of fats in our body. On the other hand, spirulina has a high content of phenylalanine, an amino acid that also helps reduce the appetite sensation , among its multiple functions in the human body,  

Spirulina against aging

Another important aspect that you should know about spirulina is that it includes antioxidant agents that help you stay young, as they delay the effects of aging. This benefit is remarkable especially in the appearance and health of our skin, our nails and our hair .

When we say that spirulina contains agents with an antioxidant effect, it means that these face and reduce the negative effects of the so-called free radicals , which are nothing more than highly reactive substances that accelerate the aging process, deteriorating our cells and tissues. Free radicals are produced by our own body when we maintain an inadequate diet, we submit to stress or we are prey to a sedentary lifestyle.

How do you get it? How do you consume it?

Many people consume spirulina in capsules or powder extract. You can also find it in hard, compact pills , which you can buy in health food stores or herbalists that include natural-type products.

It is likely that, due to the fact of not knowing about their existence, you will never notice that perhaps in the corner drugstore or in a website where you buy other dietary products you can also buy spirulina. In stores such as herbalists, health food stores and pharmacies you can surely find it. Also, there is a large number of online stores that offer it among their health care products.

Spirulina: a surprising food that you probably do not know

Spirulina is usually offered as a powder that you can use to “tinge” your vegetable or fruit smoothies, as well as to sprinkle on salads that undoubtedly will be part of your diet if you try to incorporate healthy foods daily.

How much is recommended to consume?

Experts advise that children and people who are just beginning to incorporate it consume spirulina in doses of 3 to 5 grams per day. In the case of adults, we can gradually increase this daily dose to consume 5 to 10 grams.

Although you seek to lose weight, you should not think that the more spirulina you consume daily, the more you lose weight. As we know, and according to the proverb, “everything in excess is bad” and our body is only able to properly assimilate a certain dose of spirulina every day. Keep in mind that the weight loss process does not happen overnight and that you should not despair. It is important that you keep the indicated doses and the amounts of food according to your physical conditions. This way the results will be the best because you will reach the desired weight and you will stay healthy to enjoy it fully.

Finally, did you know that spirulina has been considered one of the “superfoods of the future” due to its formidable properties? So do not wait any longer, dare to incorporate it into your diet and take advantage of its incredible effects on your body.

Spirulina: a surprising food that you probably do not know