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Sticks and pimples after thirty: your worst enemies returned

There is nothing more common than a teenager with acne. Who never had to cancel “that date” so special because it dawned with a giant grain in the face impossible to disguise? Luckily, after that stage of hormonal revolution, those annoying bars never appeared again.

You thought that they had been in the past, until one fine day, when you are already in your thirties, you prepare to go to that meeting with your boss and you discover that you have an immense one in the middle of your forehead.

Maybe you’re wondering: Why now?

Here are some keys:

– Do not sleep well and daily stress can clog your pores, contributing to the appearance of pimples and pimples.

-The smog of the city and the heat encourage dirt to impregnate the skin, which translates into an oily and shiny skin.

-The hormones after childbirth or during specific periods of your menstrual cycle collaborate for the appearance of this annoying problem.

What to do?

-First of all, DO NOT LOSE THE CALM: Do not even think about squeezing them ! You run the risk of filling your face and scars that are difficult to erase.

Sticks and pimples after thirty: your worst enemies returned
A good daily cleaning will be your best ally when it comes to fighting pimples and pimples.

-At least twice a week, perform an exfoliating treatment at home to eliminate all dead cells that can clog your pores. In pharmacies there are several products, choose the one that is most suitable for you, and make this treatment a beauty routine.

-Wash your face with neutral soap twice a day: in the morning, and before going to sleep. Watch out! If you repeat this operation more times in the day, you run the risk of drying your skin. If your skin is too dry, your body will naturally produce sebum to keep it moisturized: believe it or not, cleaning it excessively results in a shiny, oily skin.

-If you do not want dawn sprouted like a fifteen-year-old teenager, do not even think about going to bed with your makeup on . Makeup clogs your pores and prevents your skin from breathing.

-If your skin looks greasy and shiny, apply a mild astringent tonic with a cotton: that will remove excess fat.

-The heat and perspiration open your pores and cleanse your skin. Once a week, heat water to the boiling point in a pot and let the vapors cause your skin to transpire. Then, wash your face with a neutral soap: your skin will be revitalized in just minutes, like in a spa.

Sticks and pimples after thirty: your worst enemies returned
As the image shows, let the vapors cleanse your skin naturally.

-You should always keep the face moisturized with a light moisturizing cream, free of oils. (Pay attention to the beauty products you buy: read the labels!)

-Use oil-free makeup: check that on the label says ” oil free”.

-For a deep cleaning, it is not a bad idea to consult with a cosmetologist: there are treatments like peeling, which are ideal to refresh your skin and remove pimples and impurities and keep your skin radiant and fresh and free of oiliness.

-If the problems continue, do not hesitate to go to a dermatologist: many times, the bars are synonymous with a slight destabilization in your hormones. An expert doctor can prescribe oral medication if the problem is persistent.

Sticks and pimples after thirty: your worst enemies returned