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Suitable fruits to treat bleeding gums

Do your gums bleed on occasion? Maybe when you finished brushing your teeth? Do not worry, we explain which fruits are the most suitable to help you fight this gengivitis, and the subsequent bleeding.

But why do my gums bleed?

It is something very common that has happened to all of us at some time. Especially when we are brushing our teeth . Suddenly that sudden blood appears. It may happen because we have done it with some brusqueness, but most of the time it happens for the following reasons:

  • Lack of minerals and vitamins , such as vitamin C or vitamin K.
  • Dental diseases or a denture in poor condition,
  • Hormonal changes that cause inflammation of our gums.
  • Periodontitis
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Diabetes: metabolic problems that almost always have as symptom the bleeding of gums.
  • The accumulation of plaque in our teeth.
  • Gengivitis , that classic inflammation of the gums that ends up causing the tooth to come loose from the bone itself and with it, that we can suffer this tooth loss.

The most common basis of this problem is almost always the lack of vitamins, those that we must complement with a good oral-dental hygiene. From our space, we recommend that you cover part of these deficiencies with the following fruits . You dare?

Suitable fruits to treat bleeding gums

1. Fruits rich in Vitamin C

Suitable fruits to treat bleeding gums

  • Oranges : the best thing we can do every morning is to have a good juice of natural orange. It is not appropriate to buy the packaging of the supermarkets, because it does not usually cover all our vitamin needs. So remember, always natural.
  • Lemons. A great technique to consume lemon and in addition to drinking water, is to squeeze the juice of a lemon and mix it with liter and a half of water. If you put it in a bottle it will be great to carry it in your bag and go drinking throughout the day . Perfect to cover our vitamin needs and to treat bleeding gums.
  • Grapefruit Have you ever tried to eat half a grapefruit? It is part of those complete breakfasts where we cover our vitamin needs. Combine it with a bowl of aven and a toast with honey. If you want it, you can alternate it, one day natural orange juice and another half grapefruit day. You will see how good it feels to you.

2. Fruits rich in vitamin K

Suitable fruits to treat bleeding gums

Do you know the benefits of vitamin K? There are many, you will see, it helps us in the process of blood coagulation, and to maintain strong bones . This will allow us to keep the teeth firmly fixed in the jaw and stop bleeding. The fruits where we can find vitamin K are the following:

  • The kiwi is the fruit that has more vitamin K, and can provide us with a good amount to cover this deficit. It is ideal to make it in rich salads with other fruits.
  • Pears : they provide us with an adequate amount of vitamin K, in addition they are very healthy and perfect to consume one every day.
  • Plums: excellent to combat constipation and to compensate for the indispensable help of vitamin K to treat bleeding gums.
  • The bananas
  • The berries.
  • The Cranberries.
  • The figs.
  • The peaches.
  • The red grapes

3. Fibrous fruits to treat dental plaque

Suitable fruits to treat bleeding gums

Another simple solution to resolve bleeding gums, is to consume those fruits that, thanks to its fibrous texture and its medicinal properties help us to eliminate plaque that is stored in our teeth, and that causes inflammation, and long-term bleeding. Take note of the fruits that can help you.

  • The apples: you already know the famous saying “an apple a day and take care of your health”. That’s right, apples are medicinal fruits that help us in many aspects, from reducing cholesterol to improving our heart health. Remember that one of the healthiest apples are the green ones, the Granny Smith. They are also great for treating dental calculus.
  • Strawberries : rich in antioxidants, excellent to purify the body and also to combat constipation. One of its properties is also taking care of our dental health. Treats the tartar and also, thanks to its high content of vitamin C, supplies that deficit that we sometimes suffer.

Remember that in addition to following these simple tips, it is also advisable to visit your dentist once a year. Looks after your teeth!

Suitable fruits to treat bleeding gums